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We Specialize in Selling Homes That Expired

Posted by astavros on June 7, 2017

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I saw that your home came off the market recently. Are you still wanting to sell your house?

If so, let me quickly tell you about a house I recently sold at 10 Premier Point, Pelican Hill. It went 15 months on the market without selling, and as you can imagine, the owner was frustrated.

When they hired me, I was actually able to sell the house in just 15 days.

We sold the home in just 15 days at the same price the previous agent tried to sell for.

The best part? We sold the house for the same price the previous agent tried to list it at; $9.9 million. Within those 15 days it took to sell, we actually received three different offers.

I’d love to meet with you to tell you what I can do differently to sell your house. Just give me a call or send me an email soon and let’s keep this conversation going.


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Andy Stavros

Broker Associate