3 Questions You Need To Ask The Best Agent for Cameo Shores Before Selling Your Home

Posted By : stavrosgroup on Dec 17, 2018

Get to know the 3 questions you need to ask the best agent for Cameo Shores before selling your home


So you’re saying “I want to sell my Cameo Shores home.”


Make sure you remember the 3 questions you need to ask the best agent for Cameo Shores before selling your home. Because who sells your home matters!


What is Your Commission?

Start by asking the realtor what he will charge for a commission. You will also want to ask if there are any other fees, for such tasks like document preparation and staging.


How Many Homes Did You Sell Last Year?

Who sells your home matters. There are a wide range of realtor quality levels in the California real estate market. There are adequate sellers and then there are top sellers. The top sellers will get the highest price for your home. The Zillow Home Value Index (ZHVI) for October 31, 2018 published the average listing price of Newport Beach homes as $2,412,500, while the average selling price was $1,909,100. Do the math or we could do it for you. That is a difference of $503,400 – the best agent in Cameo Shores will ensure that you are paid most of that amount. Therefore, your choice of realtors could significantly determine how much money you get to keep from your home sale. Also, discover if agents have expertise in your specific neighborhood. You can also ask about their list-to-price ratio (final sales price divided by most recent listing price). And, how long do his homes stay on the market on average?


How Will You Stage My Home?

Finally, discover how the realtor will market your home. Ask what the agent thinks is your home’s best feature. See, if you share his opinion. Finding out how your home will be staged, featured and marketed will give you an insight into the realtor’s thought process. The best agent for Cameo Shores matches your needs. Contact us at the Stavros Group, we have a good track record