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Welcoming a new neighbor fosters friendship in a distanced world. Be there for them, share warmth, and explore creative housewarming gifts.

Be a Good Neighbor: 7 Unique Housewarming Gifts for a Warm Welcome

Are you trying to make a new neighbor feel welcome and cared for in the community?

Moving to a new area can be disorienting and lonely, especially in this era of social distancing. Being there for your neighbor in this crucial time can build the foundation for a beautiful friendship, cordial conversation, and maybe a shared cup of flour or two.

So be a good neighbor! Given the busy real estate market these days, chances are you have or will have at least one new neighbor on the street sometime soon. Take a look through some of our favorite creative housewarming gift ideas that will help you welcome your new neighbor home.


1. A Beautiful Houseplant

Here’s something that will bring joy (and a little extra oxygen) to your new neighbor’s life. If you’re concerned about the difficulty of taking care of a plant, try getting something that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, like a succulent.

Houseplants can have a lot of personality. Whether you go for something cute or elegant, this thoughtful housewarming gift could be the start of a great neighborly relationship.


2. An Herb Garden Starter Kit

If you like the ecological vibe of a plant gift but you want to go for something more practical, try gifting your neighbor an herb garden! These days, there are lots of handy little kits that can get your neighbor growing basil, mint, and whatever else they find tasty in no time.

This is a unique housewarming gift that tells your neighbor you’re excited for their roots to grow in this new home. Plus, anyone who frequently cooks at home knows the extraordinary value of being able to step outside for fresh herbs!


3. Be a Good Neighbor and Make a Homemade Meal

Whether you’re a seasoned chef or simply doing your best, there’s nothing like a home-cooked meal to warm the heart. This doesn’t have to be a full-on, 3-course, Michelin-star-quality meal if you’re nervous! Try baking a batch of your favorite cookies (but avoid using nuts or other allergens, just in case). Moving to a new place can be disorienting and lonely, so a thoughtful food gift can go a long way. Nothing warms the heart like a freshly baked treat or meal.


4. Flowers in a Reusable Vase

Lots of people bring flowers to a housewarming, but where do those flowers go? If your neighbors are first-time homebuyers, they are probably still building up their basic supply of home items. A beautiful vase will help them fill out their cache of decor, and it lasts far longer than the flowers you gift inside it.

Try picking out a pretty clay or glass vessel for your blooming beauties. Your new neighbors will think of the kind gesture every time they see your gift of flowers, and every time they use the vase! It’s a gift that keeps on giving.


5. Specialized Kitchenware

Ever used a garlic press? How about a tortilla warmer? Items like these are well-loved by the people who use them, but chances are your neighbor doesn’t have one yet.

When people move to a new home, they’re often thinking of the basic items they need in order to get started. By giving them some thoughtful specialty kitchenware, you can make their cooking experience that much more unique and efficient.


6. A Cast Iron Pan

If you’re worried about going the specialized route because you don’t know your neighbors too well, here’s something that almost everyone would love.

A good cast iron pan can upgrade the quality of every meal. Cast iron is durable and truly timeless, an heirloom gift that can be passed down through generations. And even if your neighbor already has one, it’s nice to have another!


7. A Coffee Set

You might have to sneakily find out what kind of coffee your neighbor likes to make before you get them a coffee set. But the nice thing here is that you can scale the gift up or down.

For a casual gift, you might go with some high-quality beans and a grinder. And for something more generous, you can get your neighbor a nice coffeemaker. There are also “coffee of the month” subscriptions that you can gift to your neighbor, so they can try all kinds of coffee and discover something new.


Put a Smile on Your Neighbor’s Face!

Taking the time to pick out a thoughtful gift for your new neighbor says more than the gift itself could ever convey. After going through the homebuying process, then moving in and getting situated, then learning the neighborhood and meeting new people… it’s a lot to do all at once. By reaching out to a new neighbor, you will plant the seed of friendship and community right away, and you’ll brighten your neighbor’s day.

So be a good neighbor! And if you want to hear about our experience matching homebuyers and neighborhoods, reach out! We’d love to hear from you.

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