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Create a warm winter retreat with cozy tips for your home—hot chocolate nights and a burning fire included!

How to Make Your Home Cozy for the Winter

It’s time to cozy up for the holidays and wintertime. You want your home to be a warm and toasty retreat that you can come back to every evening, right?

Having a cozy home is great for your family and guests. Imagine comfortable nights in with tasty hot chocolate and a burning fire. Doesn’t that sound great?

We have a few tips and tricks for you so you can make your home cozy for the winter. Read on for some of our favorites. 

Keep the Fire Going

If you have a fireplace in your home, you’re so lucky! This is the perfect time to keep the fire glowing.

Organize the rest of your living room around that glowing fire. If possible, position your television on the wall on the wall above the fireplace so you can enjoy your favorite holiday movies without leaving the warm and cozy space.

Make sure you and your family know all about fireplace safety before you keep the fire lit.

Warm Wood Tones

We love warm and natural wood colors for the winter. They’re reminiscent of evergreens and natural tree bark, or a toasty cabin in the woods. 

Invest in a few side-tables or chairs with wooden accents, or wood hanging signs to put up on your walls. They bring a cozy feeling to your living room. 

Seasonal Colors for Everything

Does your living room have seasonal colors?

During the winter, most of us think of red, green, gold, and white. Some people also have blue in the mix. These are the colors that you want to decorate with to keep up the holiday spirit while staying stylish.

We love warm red hand-knit blankets and quilts and gold accent decorations on the shelves.

Keep Up the Heat

One of the most important parts of a cozy home is that it’s warm. Make sure you’re keeping the heat high enough that you and your family can stay comfortable inside.

You don’t have to run up your electric bill to do this. Instead, aim for a temperature that’s just warm enough that you can cuddle up in a warm blanket without overheating. 

Keep Some Greenery

Winter isn’t the best time for growing your outdoor garden. Instead, bring the greenery indoors.

You aren’t limited to the classic Christmas tree. You can get all kinds of pine and holly accents (or the famous mistletoe plant) to bring nature indoors. These sweet evergreen accessories make any space feel more wintery.

Live plants are also great for a cozy home. Not only do they look great and give you something to care for, but they also might make you happier and less anxious. Don’t limit your gardening time to the warm summer and spring months. 

Invest in Comfy Furniture

You can’t have a cozy space with uncomfortable couches and chairs. Now might be the time to invest in something comfy and plush so you can take full advantage of your space. 

Everyone has different couch preferences, so shopping in-person is the most ideal option. Do you want something soft that you can sink into, or would you prefer a firm couch that helps improve your posture? 

Whatever it is, throw a warm quilt over it and it’s ready for the family to enjoy. 

Use Warm Lighting

What’s more comfy and cozy than the dim flow from an orange-toned light? 

The bright lights that we’re used to aren’t very cozy. They strain the eyes and they’re often cool-toned.

Warm and dim lighting gives you that “cozy” feeling. Consider things like fairy lights (or string lights), or lights with changing colors and dimming options that you can control from an app on your phone. 

Lighting sets the mood, so pay attention to it. 

Use Candles

Speaking of lighting, candles are another great option for adding a bit of light and warmth to your space.

We suggest scented candles for the ultimate comfy and cozy experience. Nearly all candle brands offer seasonal scents. Some of our favorites are warm pumpkin and cinnamon blends or sweet vanilla. 

You’ll feel as though you’re sitting and waiting for cookies or other baked goods to come out of the oven. What’s cozier than that? 

Use Warm, Shaggy Rugs

Do your floors not keep your feet warm?

Whether you have tile, vinyl or hardwood flooring, you might not be getting cozy vibes from your feet. Even carpet can feel less than ideal if it’s old and flat. The good news is that any of this can be fixed!

Thick, plush shag or faux-fur rugs are a great way to give yourself a better and more comfy experience. You can even layer rugs for a Moroccan vibe, contrasting patterns and textures while providing a cozy surface for your toes.

Extra-Soft Everything

Why not use the coziest season to bring out your softest items? 

We love microfiber and fleece throw blankets for cozy additions to our bedrooms and living rooms, as well as soft pillowcases. 

You can get a couch cover for any couch that isn’t reaching its peak cozy potential. Most of them come on and off with ease, so you don’t have to go through a hassle every time the seasons change. 

Cozy Slippers At the Door

This isn’t a decoration, but it is a great way to make sure that your family doesn’t drag dirt into the home. Place a pair of warm slippers for every person who lives with you at the entrance to your home (preferably next to a shoe rack). 

This lets your friends and family know that they need to remove their shoes before coming in, but they can trade them for slippers!

Do You Have a Cozy Home?

A cozy home is essential for colder winter months. Why not amp up the cozy factor in your house with some of our tips and tricks? 

Making your home cozy, warm and inviting can be lots of fun, and something you can work on together as a household. Keep the warm and fuzzy feelings going all winter long!

If you’re looking for a new home that you can transform into a cozy sanctuary, we’re here to help. Reach out and connect with us to start the no-pressure conversation and discuss your options! 

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