Popular Architectural Designs In Orange County

Orange County is home to a wide variety of architectural styles, but three schools of design are particularly popular in the area. Contemporary homes are perfect for modern living. Spanish Mediterranean homes invoke a feeling of Old World charm. Traditional homes, meanwhile, offer a classic look with plenty of curb appeal. Let’s take a look at each one of these styles in more detail!


While some people associate contemporary-style homes with cold, sterile spaces, the reality is that these homes can be incredibly inviting. Contemporary homes in Orange County are some of the most sought-after properties in the area, and it’s easy to see why. These homes combine the best of both worlds, offering sleek, modern lines and open floor plans while still maintaining a sense of warmth and comfort. Contemporary-style homes are perfect for those who want to enjoy all the benefits of modern living without sacrificing style or enjoyment. If you’re looking for a luxurious home that boasts all the latest amenities, a contemporary-style home in Orange County is an excellent choice.

Contemporary Home
Contemporary Home


Southern California is renowned for its Spanish-Mediterranean-style properties. These homes are characterized by their stucco exteriors, tiled roofs, and arched doorways. They often feature lush gardens with fountains and water features. Inside, these homes are warm and inviting, with exposed beams, hand-painted tiles, and wrought-iron fixtures. They are designed to bring the outdoors inside, with large windows and glass doors that open to patios and courtyards. This style of home is perfect for Orange County living, as it captures the essence of the region’s casual elegance.

Spanish-Mediterranean Style
Spanish-Mediterranean Style


Traditional style homes are classic designs that have been around for centuries. These homes usually have brick or stone exteriors, shingled roofs, and ornate details. A traditional style home in Orange County is the perfect blend of luxury and comfort. These homes are designed to offer residents the best of both worlds, with all the modern amenities of a luxury home combined with the cozy feel of a traditional home. From the moment you step inside, you’ll be enveloped in an atmosphere of warmth and elegance. The spacious floor plans and high ceilings create a sense of grandeur, ideal for entertaining guests or simply relaxing with your family.

Traditional Homes
Traditional Homes

There are many other home architectural designs used in Orange County, so no matter what style you choose for your new home, you’ll be sure to find something that fits your unique preferences and needs.

We pride ourselves on being the go-to real estate company for high-end properties. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a luxury home, our team of experienced agents is here to assist you. We have a deep understanding of the unique needs of our clients, and we always go the extra mile to deliver outstanding results. If you’re ready to take your real estate experience to the next level, let’s chat! Our knowledgeable agents are ready to help you navigate the complex world of luxury real estate.

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A Month to Remember: Stavros Group September 2021 Newsletter


Hi Friends, 

We’ve been busy!

In August, we closed three amazing home sales and opened escrow on another to reach nearly $30 million in monthly volume.

Each is a success story all its own — from closing ABOVE the list price on our seller client’s eight-figure estate, to precisely crafting the winning offer for our buyers on a highly competitive listing in Newport Coast.

Of course, we wanted to share these amazing results with you! Check out our August Sales Recap video to see the details and these beautiful homes.

If you are interested in making a move, there are two things you should know:

  1. Despite cooling slightly this summer, the market is still red hot by historical standards. More Orange County luxury homes ($3M+) sold in August than in any month prior to 2021, and supply is at its lowest point since at least 2008 for listings priced $3M+, $5M+ and $10M+.
  2. Whether you are buying, selling or making an investment, you know who to call to make it happen!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions. We’re always happy to help you and anyone you send our way.

Andy Stavros


A little paint, new carpet, and staging goes a long way!

Check out this amazing transformation of
25151 Rockridge Rd – Now in Escrow!

Let us be your guide in home preparation!

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56 N La Senda
Laguna Beach
5 BD | 7 BA | 5,042 SQ FT
Offered at $19,995,000

Co-listed with The Altman Brothers

25151 Rockridge Rd
Laguna Hills
6 BD | 7 BA | 6,420 SQ FT
Offered at $4,295,000

19 South Sur
Newport Coast

6 BD | 6.5 BA | 7,028 SQ FT
Sold for $13,550,000

24 Tideline Blf
Newport Coast

4 BD | 5 BA | 3,948 SQ FT
Sold for $8,010,000
Rep. Buyer

1631 Louise St
Laguna Beach

3 BD | 2.5 BA | 2,269 SQ FT
Sold for $2,600,000

Early Fall Fun in Corona Del Mar

Now that fall has arrived in coastal Orange County, get outside and have some fun at these upcoming events in Corona del Mar!

Located in the coastal city of Newport Beach, and famous for its fine beaches, Corona del Mar is a village for creating memories. From its tidepools and cliffside views, to quaint village shops, Corona del Mar will be a hit with the whole family. 

If you are looking for fall fun in the Newport Beach area, here are two great ways to celebrate the cooler weather with your family and friends. You can participate in or spectate the newly reignited community sandcastle competition hosted this Sunday, September 26th on Corona del Mar State Beach, and register to race in the 39th Annual Corona del Mar Scenic 5K on Saturday, October 2nd. 

59th Annual Sandcastle Competition at Corona del Mar

After a year-long hiatus, the Annual Sandcastle Competition at Corona del Mar is back! On Sunday, September 26th, join fellow sculptors in this sandy architectural showdown. An ode to art and creativity, this event is fit for all ages and a ton of fun to join or just watch! This year’s theme is “Explore the World” — a poignant contrast to the seclusion that communities and individuals have faced throughout the past year.

If you’re feeling artistic, gather your team and sign up on the chamber’s website or by calling (949) 729-4400. Families and architecture firms are welcome to compete, with entry fees based on category. This event is open to the public with attractions including castle viewing, food stands, sponsor competitions, and other beach-bound activities. Get together with those you love, and enjoy this commemorative day! 

39th Annual Corona del Mar Scenic 5K

On Saturday, October 2nd, a scenic 5K run and 2-mile walk will take place in the village of Corona del Mar! This is the 39th anniversary of this highly anticipated event. Beginning at 3001 Ocean Boulevard, participants will enjoy beautiful ocean views from atop soaring bluffs, while engaging with their friends, family, and their own competitive spirits. Park for free in the Corona del Mar State Beach parking lot, opening at 6am for event-day registration. Enjoy a brief warm-up leading into the start of the Men’s 5K followed closely by the Women’s 5K Race. A pleasant, inclusive 2-Mile Fun Walk/Youth Run begins at 8:45am, for those looking to enjoy a relaxing afternoon in the sun with or without the kids. Later, the 1K Children’s Dolphin Dash is a wholesome way to end a fantastic day of racing and scenery.

To join, you can register online or walk-in on event day. Note that there is a small fee to register, which varies by event. Teams of 10 or more will receive discounts. To commemorate your experience, registration includes a Corona del Mar 5K anniversary t-shirt, race bib, swag bag, and access to the awards ceremony. Still not convinced? All registered participants will have access to the complementary Restaurant Row feast of local eateries (subject to COVID-19 restrictions), and an awesome post-event party — complete with live music, sponsors and vendors, and more. This historic occasion is one for the whole family. We look forward to seeing you there!

Corona del Mar Real Estate Agents

As your go-to resource for Corona del Mar, we love to share our knowledge of community events, neighborhoods, and of course Corona del Mar real estate. When it comes time to buy or sell a home in Corona del Mar, or if you just have questions about the Corona del Mar real estate market, please reach out for a free consultation at no obligation to you.

Contact us any time — we’re always happy to help!

8 Ways to Prepare Your Orange County Home to Sell


During the resale of a home, the diligent negotiation work of the real estate agent is crucial, but it’s only one part of the equation. As a seller of real estate in Orange County, California, where appearances are everything, you should try to go the extra mile to make your home as presentable to potential buyers as possible. These eight tasks can help you unload your property quickly at a price you can feel good about.



1. Landscape

Unkempt landscape may cause potential buyers to believe you haven’t taken care of your home, and this perception can dissuade people from making offers. During the resale process, mow your lawn and trim your hedges regularly to keep greenery tame and polished. Use this opportunity to add new plants, including colorful flowers or bushes. These touches make a fresh first impression that may set the stage for a positive showing.



2. Make Repairs

When you move into a new home, the last thing you want to do is perform repairs. Your house can become much more appealing to buyers if you take on those necessary fixes yourself. It’s possible that some issues may be uncovered during a home inspection, and you might be required to fix them before moving ahead with the contract. You can save yourself this stress and potentially encourage higher offers by doing repairs ahead of time.



3. Deep Clean

No one wants to think about dirt and grime left over from the previous homeowner. A deep clean lets your house seem brand new for the next occupant and may remove offensive odors. Focus on the following key areas:


– Dusty spots

– Plumbing fixtures

– Appliances

– Countertops

– Floors


Though your furniture will likely be coming with you, it’s a good idea to wipe down or vacuum these pieces as well. Cleanliness overall can enhance the home’s presentation.



4. Repaint

You’ve likely personalized the rooms in your home with your favorite paint colors and treatments, but some buyers may not share in your style. Homeowners want a blank slate they can add their own flair to; you can make that job easier by choosing a nice neutral to repaint in.

If your walls are already fairly neutral, a fresh coat of paint still isn’t a bad idea. Over the years, the surface may have been chipped or scuffed, and it might even appear dull. Repainting can make a room feel like new.



5. Remove Personal Items

There are obviously many things you’ll need to continue living in your home as it sells, such as toiletry items or office supplies, but it’s a good idea to tuck them neatly away in cabinets or drawers during showings. Take down personal photographs, bulletin boards or household calendars. Clean up the surface of the refrigerator, removing things like coupons or pictures.



6. Launder Linens

Fabric alone won’t sell your home, but clean, fluffy linens can make the home appear less lived-in. Fresh bathroom linens, including full-sized towels, hand towels and bathmats spruce up the environment and make it more inviting. Take a day and launder textiles throughout your house:


– Towels

– Bedding

– Curtains

– Throw blankets


As you prepare house to sell, consider tasks you might perform if you were welcoming a guest to stay in your home. Fresh linens make visitors want to stay.



7. Prioritize Curb Appeal

The first thing buyers see when they view your home is the exterior. To improve your home’s curb appeal, make sure the yard is clean and empty. You can freshen up siding by repainting it, and stone or brick can undergo a power wash. Small touches, such as planters, welcome mats or benches can give a front porch a more hospitable feel.



8. Organize

Potential buyers want to understand your home’s storage options, so they may peek into closets, cabinets and drawers to see what the house has to offer. An accumulation of junk can quickly turn people off. Additional shelving and storage bins are a good investment to help you organize the mess, and they can give these areas the impression of greater storage capacity.


You’ll be amazed by the transformation your home can undergo when you take these crucial steps. Freshening up the property can help buyers visualize the potential and imagine their future in your space. If you’ve got your home in tip-top shape to hit the market, contact us today to start your listing and to sell your house in Orange County.

Simple Steps to Buying Your Orange County Dream Home


Clifftop settings, panoramic views and miles of beaches make Orange County one of the most sought-after locations for a dream home. Outdoor and water enthusiasts will find much to suit their lifestyles in wilderness parks and warm water beaches. If you’re longing for the nature-inspired serenity afforded by some of the most spectacular sunsets on the west coast, your wish can become a reality when you buy a house in Orange County. Here’s how you can make everything come true.


Getting Started: Check Your Credit Score

Checking your credit history and credit score will give you an idea of what terms various lending institutions will offer and how much of a down payment will be needed. Your credit score, also called a FICO score, may already be available to you if you use one of the many credit cards offering it as part of their service package. If not, you can obtain your score from one of the three credit-reporting agencies (Equifax, Experian or TransUnion). You can also subscribe to a credit monitoring service. If you subscribe to the FICO service, you’ll be able to see the same scores that mortgage lenders will be looking at when you apply for financing.


Do the Math and Determine Your Debt-To-Income Ratio

A lending institution will want to know your debt-to-income ratio and there can be varying requirements. A conventional mortgage typically requires a debt-to-income ratio to be no greater than 28-percent in order to qualify for monthly loan payments.

You will need to figure in your property insurance, taxes and other projected home-owner expenses when you work out your debt-to-income ratio. Most lending institutions will help you calculate how much of a down payment you’ll need to get the loan you want. You can also find helpful home-buyers’ work sheets and calculation guides at the CFPB’s consumerfinance.gov website.


Get Pre-Approved

Unless you already have an established relationship with a lending institution, there’s no reason to not shop around for the best deal. This may be different for each borrower. The most desirable aspect of a mortgage could be the size of the down payment, the amount of the monthly installments, the interest rate or the length of the loan.

Once you’ve settled on what bank you’ll be dealing with, get pre-approved. This is actually a two-step process that starts with pre-qualification; this refers to a preliminary discussion of your credit, income and employment history. After finding out what loan programs you’re eligible for and you’ve settled on one that fits, you’ll be asked to provide back-up documentation. The actual approval will come from an underwriter who reviews the documentation you provide.


Start House-Hunting With Your Approved Purchasing Amount and a Seasoned Real-Estate Guide

Once you’ve obtained an approval from a lending institution and determined how much purchasing power you have, you’re ready to begin house-hunting. You’ll need a good guide — one who’s experienced, knowledgeable of the area where you want to live and who can be counted on to do what’s best for you. That’s where we come in. If you’re looking for a home for sale in Laguna Beach, Newport Beach or one of the other dream spots in Orange County, we’ll help you find it and make sure you tour the types of homes that reflect exactly what you’re looking for.


Wrapping-Up the Deal

When you’ve found the home of your dreams, have an inspection performed to make sure all the vital areas are in good shape. You’ll most likely also be required by your mortgage provider to have an appraisal performed. You may still be working out the final purchase-price negotiations at this point and the inspection and appraisal could have some bearing on how that proceeds.

The closing is the final step and your mortgage provider will present you with a closing disclosure three business days before everything is settled. The CD will outline all the terms and purchase details. Keep this document handy because you’ll need it to claim certain items on your income tax filings.


We Want You To Enjoy Your New Home!

Real estate in Newport Beach, California, Corona Del Mar or one of the choice spots along the Orange County coast can help you realize the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of. We’re here to make it all happen for you and we look forward to hearing from you.

10 Family Fun Activities in Laguna Beach

With lots of sun, nice weather, and a relaxing atmosphere, Laguna Beach is a great way to experience Orange County. It’s also a very family-friendly destination since it features a variety of interesting attractions, tasty restaurants, and beautiful accommodation options.


Here’s a list of 10 fun activities for families in Laguna Beach.


1) Ride on the Trolley: Get a good feel of Laguna Beach by hopping on the trolley on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday during the spring. At this time, the ride is free and gives you a great way to see some of the area’s hot spots. Plus, it’s a good way to shuttle your family to some of the best destinations in town.


2) Try Local a Dessert: Laguna Beach is well-known for its tasty gelato and ice cream, and there are a multitude of shops selling both near the beach. Get some sweet treats and stroll around the beach while taking in the warm weather. Or grab some ice cream and a meal to have all the ingredients for a picnic out on the beach.


3) Visit Some Cute Sea Lions: Laguna Beach is home to the Pacific Marine Mammal Center, a rehabilitation facility that is specifically designed for seals and sea lions. Visiting this attraction is a good activity for all members of the family since you have a chance to see some of the animals up close and learn more about conservation efforts in the area.


4) Go Hiking And See the Scenery: California’s inviting climate makes hiking and walking a great activity for the family. Aside from great beaches, Laguna Beach is also home to some great inland wilderness. There are a number of kid-friendly trails to explore, like the Dartmoor Boat Canyon Trail, that also presents plenty of opportunities for great photos.


5) Explore the Local Sea Life: The shoreline around the beaches in the area feature different tide pools that host a plethora of local sea life, like snails, starfish, and anemones. Let your kids explore in and around these pools to learn more about these (harmless) examples of sea life. Just be sure not to take anything since the pools are protected habitats.


Click here to check out Laguna’s best beaches!


6) Go Kayaking: The ocean near Laguna Beach is a great spot for kayakers of all ages (and skill levels). There are a number of rental agencies to choose from, and many of them have tandem options as well. This makes it easy for you to paddle while your kids sit safely in the middle seats.


7) Listen To Live Music: Laguna Beach’s Bluebird Park is a hotspot for local music on Sundays in the summer. Bands come and play as part of the city’s Music in the Park event, and it’s a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Otherwise, come check out the park to play frisbee, soccer, or just enjoy the expansive green spaces.


8) Learn About the Area’s History: A trip to the Laguna Beach Historical Society is a good opportunity for you and the family to understand the area’s history. The Murphy Smith Bungalow is an authentic dwelling that was built in 1923, and visitors can literally see the humble beginnings of Laguna Beach up close.


9) Check Out the Art Scene: Laguna Beach has a number of art festivals, galleries, and museums that also offer kid’s workshops and classes, along with gallery tours and open studios.


10) Check Out Diver’s Cove: Nestled right alongside the south end of Picnic Beach, Diver’s Cove is home to a variety of sea life and safe beaches for younger children to explore. The surrounding area is also replete with unique natural rock formations.


Once your family is ready to go to Laguna Beach, keep these exciting destinations and activities in mind to make your trip a fun one!


Are you thinking of buying a home in the Laguna Beach area? Click here to contact the Stavros Group today!


Courtesy of Cuselleration

4 Outdoor Activities in Corona Del Mar

Corona del Mar, also known as CDM, is the perfect spot for your next family adventure. This neighborhood that’s located in the city of Newport Beach is famous for its fine beaches, tidepools, cliffside views and quaint village shops. Fun fact: Corona del Mar is Spanish for “Crown of the Sea.”

This neighborhood also consists of many activities and adventures that are a must-do. Here are some favorites from locals and tourists who have left their heart in Corona del Mar.


1. Beach volleyball.

Beach volleyball is one of the crowd favorites at the Corona del Mar Beach. Corona del Mar Beach has the reputation for family games. There are ten volleyball courts that are perfectly spaced out around the beach and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Don’t worry if you’re afraid you won’t get a chance on the courts because this beach has a relaxed atmosphere that always welcomes players into games.


2. Water activities: Surfing, Kayaking, Diving.

Corona del Mar Beach has the perfect atmosphere for all water activities. At this beach, you can go surfing, kayaking, and diving

  • Surfing – The main beach area only sees tiny ways, but once in awhile, a huge swell from the south or southeast brings in massive, challenging waves. The best waves now break off the end of the jetty and roll in toward the beach close to the jetty rocks. The best times to surf are from spring through mid-autumn
  • Kayaking – Many tourists and locals enjoying kayaking around the waters of Corona del Mar beach. The coves and beaches just inside the harbor mouth in Corona del Mar are perfect for a kayaking adventure. Experienced kayakers like to explore the interesting rock formations down the coast from the state beach, such as “Small Arch Rock” and “Big Arch Rock”. Contact nearby Kayak rentals to get their rates for tours and equipment rental.
  • Diving Areas at the state beach are roped off for swimmers, so divers have to move down to more suitable spots to enter. Diving allows you to spot all the octopus, crabs, calico bass, and surfperch down in the water. If you want more information on diving in CDM, visit the local dive shop, “Beach Cities Scuba”  located on 4537 W. Coast Highway in Newport Beach.


3. Sandcastle Contests.

Corona del Mar holds their annual sandcastle contest on the first Sunday in October. This event is sponsored by the Commodores Club of the Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce with entry fees of $30 for families. The contest begins at 9am, the teams begin building at 11am, and the judging begins at 2:30pm. Winners receive awards for a wide variety of categories that include most unique, most humorous, and best display of theme.


4. Hiking.

There are many trails located in Crystal Cove State Park in Corona del Mar with both long and short distances thats are perfect for a hike or stroll if you are up to a challenge.

  • Deer Canyon Loop Trail – a 6.9 mile lightly trafficked loop trail that features beautiful wild flowers and has a moderate to hard difficulty level. This trail also takes you to an amazing view point of the Pacific Ocean.
  • El Moro Canyon Loop Trail – a 5 mile moderately trafficked loop trail that features a waterfall and has a moderate difficulty level. This loop trail gives you a tour of the El Moro Canyon, where you’ll enjoy some of the best coastline views in the park. You may even be  able to spot some horses walking past you at this trail.
  • Crystal Cove Perimeter Loop – a 9.4 mile moderately trafficked loop trail that features beautiful wild flowers and has a difficult difficulty level. This trail follows the perimeter of the park and provides beautiful views over the Pacific and East.

The adventures don’t stop here, so don’t worry if you run out of time to explore! Many homes are waiting for you to help you continue your adventures. So what are you waiting for?

5 Activities for Family Fun in Newport Beach

Newport Beach is the perfect spot for your next family adventure. This city famous for its lavish lifestyle and beautiful surroundings and known for its beachy vibes and water sports. You can either make it a fun-filled day trip or a relaxing vacation by staying at the nearby hotels that allow you to see the gorgeous views that Newport Beach has to offer.

Newport Beach Civic Center and Park

The cool architecture at this location perfectly matches the beachy vibe that Newport Beach is known for, where the blue bridges match the color of the blue skies and the blue Pacific. This park also includes sculptures of white bunnies that many tourists and locals see as an instagram-worthy spot. So relax and have a picnic at the Newport Beach Civic Center and Park! There are many perfect spots to sit and eat on a picnic table or on the grass. After a picnic, this spot also offers great trails and a great space for a walk in the park. This is located at 100 Civic Center Dr in Newport Beach.

Balboa Water Sports

Come catch the cool waves and experience the beachy vibes that Newport Beach has to offer with Balboa Water Sports! The water sports that are available include paddle boarding and riding a sea doo. Many locals and tourists often say that these activities allow them to feel the freedom of the big blue ocean and highly recommend Balboa Water Sports as your next adventure in Newport Beach. This is located at 204 Washington St #B in Newport Beach.

Fashion Island

Fashion Island is a mall that is located right by the beach at 401 Newport Center Dr. in the heart of Newport Beach. This mall is known as an Orange County classic as a venerable, upscale outdoor mall that’s a perfect spot to spend the afternoon whether you’re shopping or just hanging out. This mall is also a great place to walk around to relax and settle down after a long and eventful day of other festivities in Newport Beach.


March Happenings in Corona Del Mar

Crown of the Sea


Corona del Mar: “Crown of the Sea.” It is a beautiful neighborhood within the city of Newport Beach, California, and we love it here. Before the 1920s, Corona del Mar was a tiny village: one you could only reach from the peninsula by a small boat when the tide was high enough. The only other option was crossing a muddy dirt road at the Irvine Ranch. But now, it is a coveted spot along the Pacific Coast, home to many trendy shops and restaurants.


Corona del Mar generally is all the land on the seaward face of the San Joaquin Hills, from Avocado Avenue south to the city limits. It is known around the world for its beautiful beaches, cliffside views, tidepools and quaint village shops.


The most historic real estate in Corona del Mar was built in the early 20th century and consists mostly of closely-spaced, free-standing, single family homes along the Pacific Coast Highway. Other developers came along later, building mostly sprawling California ranch style houses overlooking the ocean.


Corona del Mar’s Beaches


The beaches here are nothing short of fantastic. “Big Corona” is a perfect family beach, with mild waves for younger swimmers. “Little Corona” is just a few blocks south and has a wonderful tidepool. Corona del Mar’s beaches are the perfect spot if you are into snorkeling or scuba diving. Salt Creek Beach Park is just below the Ritz-Carlton, and has one of the best swimming beaches in Orange County. Then, you can hit the grassy parkland along Corona del Mar’s Main Beach, where you can watch a pro volleyball match or a pickup game of basketball.


Get Your Green On


When you are ready to get out of the water, we love the Sherman Library and Gardens. Started in 1955, the site is just more than two acres, and it is a gardener’s paradise, filled with gorgeous plants displayed among an immaculate garden setting. You can see everything from desert plants to tropical vegetation. The patios and conservatories are linked together by expansive brick walkways, and beds blooming with seasonal flowers and gurgling fountains. It is just beautiful, and open to the public every day except for major holidays.


Let’s Dish the Dirt


While we’re talking horticulture, one of Corona del Mar’s popular stops is at Roger’s Gardens. The expert horticulturists here offer workshops on a wide variety of topics. You may be moving to Corona del Mar from a different part of the country, and need to know more about the climate here and plants that flourish in our area. They can teach you how to be a successful gardener whether you are planting in pots, bowls, baskets, containers, or an extensive flower bed. The workshops at Roger’s Gardens can get your thumb just a little bit greener.


Where’s Trigger?


If you love horses and horseback riding, you will want to know about Crystal Cove Beach. This trail provides a perfect opportunity for loop style rides. The park landscape is unique in that it is almost all open grassland and hills with few trees. The trails are enjoyed by bike riders as well.


We love this area in Orange County, and our team of real estate experts would be delighted to show you the home of your dreams. The Stavros Group is widely recognized as the go-to source for buying and selling premium luxury real estate along the world-famous coast of Orange County. We would love to work with you!