10 Family Fun Activities in Laguna Beach

With lots of sun, nice weather, and a relaxing atmosphere, Laguna Beach is a great way to experience Orange County. It’s also a very family-friendly destination since it features a variety of interesting attractions, tasty restaurants, and beautiful accommodation options.


Here’s a list of 10 fun activities for families in Laguna Beach.


1) Ride on the Trolley: Get a good feel of Laguna Beach by hopping on the trolley on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday during the spring. At this time, the ride is free and gives you a great way to see some of the area’s hot spots. Plus, it’s a good way to shuttle your family to some of the best destinations in town.


2) Try Local a Dessert: Laguna Beach is well-known for its tasty gelato and ice cream, and there are a multitude of shops selling both near the beach. Get some sweet treats and stroll around the beach while taking in the warm weather. Or grab some ice cream and a meal to have all the ingredients for a picnic out on the beach.


3) Visit Some Cute Sea Lions: Laguna Beach is home to the Pacific Marine Mammal Center, a rehabilitation facility that is specifically designed for seals and sea lions. Visiting this attraction is a good activity for all members of the family since you have a chance to see some of the animals up close and learn more about conservation efforts in the area.


4) Go Hiking And See the Scenery: California’s inviting climate makes hiking and walking a great activity for the family. Aside from great beaches, Laguna Beach is also home to some great inland wilderness. There are a number of kid-friendly trails to explore, like the Dartmoor Boat Canyon Trail, that also presents plenty of opportunities for great photos.


5) Explore the Local Sea Life: The shoreline around the beaches in the area feature different tide pools that host a plethora of local sea life, like snails, starfish, and anemones. Let your kids explore in and around these pools to learn more about these (harmless) examples of sea life. Just be sure not to take anything since the pools are protected habitats.


Click here to check out Laguna’s best beaches!


6) Go Kayaking: The ocean near Laguna Beach is a great spot for kayakers of all ages (and skill levels). There are a number of rental agencies to choose from, and many of them have tandem options as well. This makes it easy for you to paddle while your kids sit safely in the middle seats.


7) Listen To Live Music: Laguna Beach’s Bluebird Park is a hotspot for local music on Sundays in the summer. Bands come and play as part of the city’s Music in the Park event, and it’s a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Otherwise, come check out the park to play frisbee, soccer, or just enjoy the expansive green spaces.


8) Learn About the Area’s History: A trip to the Laguna Beach Historical Society is a good opportunity for you and the family to understand the area’s history. The Murphy Smith Bungalow is an authentic dwelling that was built in 1923, and visitors can literally see the humble beginnings of Laguna Beach up close.


9) Check Out the Art Scene: Laguna Beach has a number of art festivals, galleries, and museums that also offer kid’s workshops and classes, along with gallery tours and open studios.


10) Check Out Diver’s Cove: Nestled right alongside the south end of Picnic Beach, Diver’s Cove is home to a variety of sea life and safe beaches for younger children to explore. The surrounding area is also replete with unique natural rock formations.


Once your family is ready to go to Laguna Beach, keep these exciting destinations and activities in mind to make your trip a fun one!


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Summertime Events Not to Miss in Laguna Beach

Photo courtesy: visitlagunabeach.com

Welcome to Laguna Beach! There really is no bad time to visit, but early in the summer is a great time to stretch your legs along its fantastic beaches. This sign welcomes visitors to Laguna. It was built in 1935, and still stands proudly on the corner of Forest and Park Avenues.

Happy to Be Here: What Should I Do?

Start with First Thursdays Art Walk

If you are an artist, love art, are creative, or want to be, or just love a creative vibe, Laguna Beach is a great spot for you. The art scene is very active all year long, and a good first blush look at the art scene is to take advantage of the First Thursdays Art Walk. It is an educational monthly art event, which is held every first Thursday of the months from 6 to 9pm. It is free to the public and showcases the diverse cultural art scene that you can find here.


Musically Inclined? Head to Laguna Beach Live!

There is no reason to ever be bored if you live in Laguna Beach. If you are looking for great musical talent in an intimate venue, check out Laguna Beach Live! Each year they present more than 30 concerts and free educational programs for kids at the Laguna Beach Boys & Girls Club and the Laguna schools, and also for our senior citizens at the Susi Q Center. There are some great concerts coming up in June, including:

The Barefoot Movement

June 10th 4-7pm

Laguna College of Art & Design

2222 Laguna Canyon Rd, Laguna Beach


CMT’s Edge calls The Barefoot Movement “One of the most promising bands on the Bluegrass scene. Billboard magazine describes them as “Slices of Bluegrass, Country, Folk and even a little bit of Rock & Roll.”


We think enjoying an afternoon of incredible bluegrass music and delectable BBQ sounds like a great time to spend relaxing in Laguna Beach.

About Jazz Wednesdays

Every other Wednesday

June 13-September 5

6 – 8pm

Seven Degrees event facility

891 Laguna Canyon Road


Jazz it up every other Wednesday in Laguna Beach. Some of the hottest jazz musicians in our area will tune their instruments to give you a memorable performance, all in an intimate setting. A full buffet and bar menu are available for purchase when the doors open at 5pm.


Small Settings

Did you know the world’s second smallest cathedral is right here in Laguna Beach?

Photo Courtesy: Shutterstock.com

In 1933, Long Beach suffered a devastating earthquake. Out of the rubble, workers salvaged bits and pieces that would quickly become St. Francis by the Sea. The Guinness Book of World Records states that it is the second smallest cathedral in the world, with a grand total of only 42 seats.

Laguna Art Museum  

Photo Courtesy: visitlagunabeach.com

Did you know the oldest museum in the State of California is right here in Laguna Beach? The Laguna Art Museum is the host to works by California artists only, making it unique in the state. The museum has a rich history, as it was formed by local artists in 1918 and by 1929 it had raised significant funds and opened a grand custom-built gallery, which is still contained in the present-day structure, known as the Steele Gallery. The museum is located on one of the busiest streets of any coastal town and only 300 feet from the ocean. It is a spectacular museum with an impressive view.

Sawdust Art & Craft Festival

Like the museum, the Sawdust Art & Craft Festival showcases and promotes local artists. Toward the end of June, it will open one of its two main events each year. The festivals attract more than 200,000 visitors. You can shop along sawdust-covered paths through a handcrafted village of exceptional art and craftsmanship. You can also enjoy live entertainment on three stages, and catch artist demonstrations as well as participate in hands-on art workshops.

June 29 – September 2nd



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Top 8 Things to Do in Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach is the perfect spot for your next adventure in Orange County. This beautiful city is known as Southern California’s top coastal point and is prepared to wow you with the beaches, art galleries, and attractions that they have to offer. Here are the some of the best things to do in Laguna Beach.

1. Stroll Through Heisler Park.

Heisler Park is an oceanfront park in Laguna Beach that stretches several miles down the Pacific Ocean. It offers beautiful views of the Laguna Beach coastline, making it the perfect spot to take a stroll, have a picnic, and even watch the sunset. There are great open lawn areas, picnic tables, barbecues, and accesses to the beach to make your day in Laguna a day well spent. This park is located at 375 Cliff Drive in Laguna Beach.

2. Visit the Pacific Marine Mammal Center

The Pacific Marine Mammal Center was the first marine mammal rehabilitation facility in California and is the only marine mammal rescue and rehabilitation center in Orange County. Not only can you look at marine mammals up close, but you can also participate in the educational programs to learn more about the world of these marine mammals and the role of keeping the oceans clean.The Pacific Marine Mammal Center is open everyday from 10am-4pm with free admission and is located at 20612 Laguna Canyon Road in Laguna Beach.

3. Go to the Laguna Art Museum.

The Laguna Art Museum was founded in 1918 as a fine arts museum. This museum is now one of the oldest museums in California and also one of the only museums that is dedicated to displaying and preserving the art of California artists with pieces that depict the history of the state or spans all periods and styles. This museum is located at 307 Cliff Drive in Laguna Beach and is open every day except Wednesday’s.

4. Visit Table Rock Beach

Table Rock Beach is one of the most popular beaches to go to in Laguna and is known for its tall rock wall formation located on the northern end as well as its sandstone walls on the south side of the area.Table Rock Beach is also gorgeous and secluded with a ton of tide pools. Popular activities at this beach include photography, snorkeling, swimming, sunbathing, and skimboarding, especially because of the shape of the waves at this particular beach. This beach is located at 31681 Sea Bluff Ln in Laguna Beach.

5. Ride on the Laguna Beach Trolley

The Laguna Beach Trolley is a free weekend transportation system that takes you around the city of Laguna Beach with both long and short coastal routes. Visitors have the option to choose any of the 34 stops throughout the transportation system.

6. Visit the Sawdust Art Festival

Laguna Beach is known for its creative energy that has brought together many talented young local artists. The Sawdust Art Festival was created because of how these artists wanted somewhere new, fresh and exciting to display their artwork, so this festival was designed to both entertain and educate. This go-to art festival is open from June 29th, 2018 through September 2nd, 2018 this year and will feature arts and crafts from over 200 Laguna Beach artists. The arts and crafts include hand-blown and fused glass, painting, jewelry, surf art, ceramics, clothing/textiles, wood/metal sculptures, photography, and more. Come experience and see how art has held a strong sense of community in Laguna Beach. This is one event you do not want to miss.

7. Take Photos with the Whaling Wall

The Whaling Wall is one of the most popular locations to take photos at in Laguna Beach. A world-renown marine life artist, Robert Wyland, has created 100 outdoor murals of life-size whales and other sea life in various locations across the nation and other countries. Wyland wanted to use these murals to increase the world’s awareness of the world’s oceans. The first mural was created in 1981 on the side of Hotel Laguna in Laguna Beach and it depicted a life-size California gray whale with her calf. So start your adventure in Laguna Beach by finding one of these Whaling Walls that still exist in Laguna Beach today.

8. Catch a Performance at Bluebird Park

Bluebird Park is one of the most highly recommended parks in Laguna Beach. On any Sunday in July or August, the city hosts a “Music in the Park” event as a free and family-friendly concert. If you’re not there for a concert, the large, open grass space is perfect for a picnic and outdoor activities. Kids love the half-basketball court, the space for running, and the play area with structures and swings. This park is located at 798 Bluebird Canyon Drive in Laguna Beach.

Well what are you waiting for? Go check out all these awesome things you can do in Laguna Beach!

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