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"Laguna Beach offers coastal views and golden-hued hills at sunset. Our blog focuses on the amazing trails within."

Top Trails for Hiking & Biking in Laguna Beach

Aerial view of a body of water in the sunset
Enjoy the Laguna Beach views with these hiking and biking trails

There is a lot of beauty that Laguna Beach has to offer. From the coastal views to the hills that illuminate gold when the sun sets. In this blog we want to focus on the hills and the amazing trails that lie within.

Bommer Ridge & Emerald Canyon

At Bommer Ridge & Emerald Canyon you’ll enjoy a 8.9-mile loop trail near Laguna Beach, California. This is generally considered a challenging route, and it takes an average of 4 hours and 56 minutes to complete. This trail is popular and known for bird watching, hiking, and running. You can still enjoy some solitude during quieter times of day but you’ll need to leave your dogs at home because they aren’t allowed on this trail.

Known for bird watching, hiking, and running
Enjoy some solitude

Boat Road & Laguna Ridge

Get to know Boat Road & Laguna Ridge, an 8.2-mile loop trail near Laguna Beach, California. This is a moderately challenging route that takes about 4 hours to complete. The trail is open year-round and is beautiful to visit anytime. Be prepared to see beautiful birds and to share the trail with mountain bikes and hikers. Dogs are not allowed on this trail.

The trail is open year-round
The trail is open year-round

Water Tank Trail

Water Tank Trail is near Laguna Beach and is a 3.9-mile loop trail that is a moderately challenging route. This 2 hour trail is popular for hiking, running, and walking.

It takes just 2 hours
Water Tank Trail

Crystal Cove Perimeter Loop

Crystal Cove Perimeter Loop is a 9.4-mile loop trail near Laguna Beach that is a very popular area for camping, hiking, and running. You’ll likely encounter other people while exploring this moderately challenging route. This beautiful 4 hour trail is open year-round.

Popular area for camping
Open year-round and is beautiful

Mountain Bike Car Wreck Trail through Aliso Canyon

Hidden in the hills far above Laguna Beach, far away from any and every road is the fabled “car wreck,” 1946 Dodge 5-passenger coupe. It became so popular to visit the car wreck that Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park officially made a trail to it in 2013. It’s a fun hike that offers a cool vintage car wreck and an expansive view from Catalina to Mt Baldy. There is a 3.8 mile loop that makes the climbing a little easier, or you can do a shorter hike to the car wreck and back.

A cool vintage car wreck
An expansive view from Catalina to Mt Baldy

There are a lot of fun trails to hike, bike or even camp at in Laguna Beach. We hope you have your hiking shoes ready and plenty of water to accompany you on these trails as you go outside and find ways to stay active in the sun. Don’t hesitate to contact us regarding any questions you might have about the Laguna Beach area in California. We would love to field your questions about food, activities and real estate. We look forward to hearing from you.

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