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Real Estate in Cameo Shores: Exquisite Homes with Breathtaking Ocean Views

Cameo Shores real estate consists of approximately 170 meticulously crafted homes, each designed to maximize the awe-inspiring ocean vistas of this coastal Orange County location. The terraced layout ensures that nearly every residence enjoys a spectacular view of the Pacific.

From the oceanfront mansions on Brighton Road to the elegant estates on the community’s upper streets, real estate in Corona del Mar and Cameo Shores caters to the most discerning buyers seeking the ultimate in coastal luxury.

Luxury Cameo Shores home with infinity pool overlooking the Pacific Ocean at sunset
Experience breathtaking ocean sunsets from your own backyard oasis in Cameo Shores, Corona del Mar

Private Beaches and Trails in Cameo Shores

One of the most alluring aspects of owning Cameo Shores real estate is the exclusive access to the neighborhood’s private beaches. Residents can enjoy the pristine sandy shores and dramatic rock formations from two separate entrances. The beaches offer a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, allowing homeowners to relax and unwind in their own private coastal oasis.

In addition to the beaches, Cameo Shores residents have access to scenic trails that wind through the prestigious Pelican Hill Golf Course, ultimately leading to the renowned Crystal Cove State Beach. Here, you can indulge in a delightful breakfast at the Beachcomber Cafe while taking in the breathtaking views.

Aerial view of Cameo Shores homes showcasing the terraced layout and ocean views
Nearly every home in Cameo Shores boasts stunning ocean vistas thanks to the neighborhood’s terraced design

Cameo Shores’ Prime Location Near Upscale Amenities

Cameo Shores’ prime location in Corona del Mar puts residents just moments away from the charming Village of Corona del Mar, known for its upscale dining and shopping options. Enjoy a morning coffee at Starbucks or Zinc Cafe before strolling through the village’s boutiques and galleries.

For golf enthusiasts, the nearby Pelican Hill Golf Course offers world-class golfing with its two 18-hole courses designed by Tom Fazio. The Resort at Pelican Hill also features luxurious accommodations, a spa, and fine dining restaurants for those seeking a indulgent staycation.

Elegant living room in a Cameo Shores luxury home with bifold doors opening to the pool and ocean
Seamless indoor-outdoor living is the hallmark of Cameo Shores’ exquisite homes

Discover Your Dream Home in Cameo Shores Real Estate

If you’re searching for the ultimate in coastal luxury living, look no further than Cameo Shores real estate. With its stunning homes, private beaches, and access to the best of Corona del Mar, this exclusive enclave is the perfect place to call home.

Contact Cameo Shores luxury real estate expert Andy Stavros today to start your journey toward finding your dream home in this one-of-a-kind coastal community. Experience the unparalleled beauty and luxury of Cameo Shores.

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Sunrise at Corona del Mar State Beach in California with a rock formation in the water
Discover the Best Summertime Activities in Corona Del Mar: Top 5 Outdoor Adventures Await!

Summertime in Corona Del Mar is the perfect time to experience all that this beautiful area has to offer. Whether you are a homeowner, seller, or looking for a luxury real estate destination – it pays to take advantage of these leisurely summer days and explore nearby attractions. From the many beaches, trails, and parks available all within close proximity of Corona Del Mar, there are plenty of options when it comes to outdoor fun. In this blog post, we will go over our top 5 picks for activities you can enjoy during your summer visit!

Beach Bliss: Unwind, Recharge, and Embrace Nature’s Healing Touch

Spending a day at the beach offers an opportunity to relax, reset, and rejuvenate. Enjoying the warmth of the sun on your skin can be joy-inducing, and appreciating nature’s unique way of providing us with natural nourishment. Sinking your toes into the wet sand is incredibly therapeutic and can remind you of simpler times when soothing was just around the corner. After basking in the sun for a while, taking a dip in the ocean makes for perfect refreshment; not only cooling off but also having a salty and energizing effect that sets you up perfectly for whatever else your day holds. Make sure to protect yourself from harsh UV rays with some SPF as well before you venture out to enhance your experience even more!

Aerial view of the beach during daytime
Spending a day at the beach offers an opportunity to relax, reset, and rejuvenate.

Unwind and Connect with Nature Through Hiking Trails

Exploring trails surrounded by nature is a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Activities like hiking give you space to relax, disconnect from technology, and let your thoughts wander. Nothing compares to taking in the natural beauty that exists around us; the lush foliage of old-growth trees, the sound of birds singing, or appreciating unique formations from erosion. Planning a hike allows for a day outdoors while rewarding yourself with wonderful memories along the way.

Beautiful stream of water in the midst of nature with a hiking trail
Exploring trails surrounded by nature is a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Embrace Fitness and Nature at Your Local Park!

Visiting local parks is a wonderful way to get active and explore your community. Whether you’ve been wanting to give bike riding or rollerblading a try, spend some time outside with your family, or just take a leisurely stroll—there are plenty of possibilities at the local park. Not only can you work out, but you can also enjoy the scenery and connect with nature in an enjoyable atmosphere. Take advantage of your local park today and incorporate some activity into your routine!

Close up of rollerskates
Bike rides, rollerblading, or just taking a leisurely stroll

Discover the Magic of Corona Del Mar’s Concerts, Festivals, and Culinary Delights

Corona Del Mar is the perfect destination to create long-lasting memories. Throughout the year, there are a variety of concerts, festivals, and culinary experiences to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful way to spend an evening or craving something with more energy, you can find it here. Live music performances feature well-known local artists while unique festivals combine the best of local culture and cuisine. Sample the incredible flavors crafted by talented food vendors or explore one of the many restaurants tucked away down narrow alleyways. With so much to see and do, even regular visitors make new discoveries at every turn. There are many ways to make memories in Corona Del Mar you’ll never forget.

Delicious meats cooked and displayed in gray bowls.
Concerts, festivals, and culinary experiences

Exploring the Wonders of Corona Del Mar

No matter what brings you to Corona Del Mar, there is no shortage of things to do and experiences to enjoy. Spend a day lounging in the sand on one of the secluded beaches or sweeping through the trails while taking in the sights of nature. Get active and explore local parks with rollerblading or biking. There are also plenty of events like concerts, festivals, and culinary experiences that will make for lifelong memories. We hope you have enjoyed learning about activities, restaurants, and real estate options that Corona Del Mar has to offer. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about this marvelous city, please contact us, we would love to help. Thank you for joining us on this journey – from sea to sand – where beautiful Corona Del Mar awaits!

As a trusted real estate agent and advisor in Corona Del Mar, I wanted to share some insights on the latest luxury real estate trends. Whether you’re a homeowner or buyer, these trends are worth paying attention to. From new construction to record sales prices, here’s what’s happening in the world of luxury real estate.

The rise in popularity of oceanfront properties

The oceanfront lifestyle is highly sought-after, and for good reason – the views are unparalleled, the air is fresh and invigorating, and the luxury properties available on the coast speak to a lifestyle that many yearn for. With more people dreaming of experiencing life on the shoreline and taking advantage of interesting investment opportunities in these dynamic locations, property values have been steadily rising. I’m proud to offer clients valuable advice about the booming oceanfront market and deliver results that meet each individual’s unique needs. Whether you are looking to buy or sell, I can provide you with expert direction so that your journey along the shoreline is rewarding!

The rise in popularity of oceanfront properties
The rise in popularity of oceanfront properties

The increase in demand for luxury rentals

Luxury rentals are becoming increasingly popular, allowing people to enter the world of high-end living without having to commit to a long-term property purchase. With access to a host of amenities and top-notch services, these rentals offer lifestyle experiences unlike anything else. Having an in-depth knowledge of this market, I can help you find the perfect rental space that exceeds all your expectations. Whether it’s a stylish condo, an idyllic beachfront retreat, or an urban loft, I’ll guide you through the journey toward finding your dream rental home.

The increase in demand for luxury rentals
The increase in demand for luxury rentals

The trend of buyers purchasing property sight unseen

In today’s real estate climate, it is becoming increasingly popular for buyers to purchase a property without ever having set foot on the property itself. This can be an intimidating prospect, as some buyers are wary of not being able to aesthetically inspect their potential new home or potentially overlooking any signs of structural damage, but with the right tools and resources, this need not prevent anyone from finding dream properties. I will provide the advice and expertise necessary to make sure that you obtain all of the information needed so that you can make an informed decision regarding your purchase – no matter how far away you may be from the actual property.

The trend of buyers purchasing property sight unseen
The trend of buyers purchasing property sight unseen

The decrease in the number of available properties on the market

With fewer properties available on the market, many buyers are feeling overwhelmed and uncertain. My goal is to help ease that burden and make searching for a new home or investment property as painless as possible. I am experienced in assessing local markets and helping buyers find the best properties available under their desired budget. With my expertise, even buyers in today’s tight market can realize their dreams of finding their perfect property.

The decrease in the number of available properties on the market
The decrease in the number of available properties on the market

How to purchase a luxury home without overspending

Purchasing a luxury home can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it’s important to make sure you get the best value while avoiding overspending. The key is to do your research and shop around, even if you have specific expectations for your home. Start by exploring all of the options available to you, from homes that are ready to move into fixer-uppers. Weighing out the pros and cons of each and finding the right balance between what you want and need can help ensure you’re spending within your budget. It may also be helpful to use a trusted real estate agent who can help guide you in selecting a home and negotiating favorable terms. With their insight into the local market, they’ll be able to give you valuable advice on how to make an educated decision before buying a luxury home so that getting the most bang for your buck never has to mean sacrificing quality.

How to purchase a luxury home without overspending
How to purchase a luxury home without overspending

In conclusion, oceanfront properties have seen a dramatic increase in popularity in recent decades, leading to a surge in demand for luxury rentals. As such, more buyers are opting to purchase a property sight unseen, increasing competition and driving down the number of available oceanfront properties in certain locations. However, it is still possible to buy quality luxury homes without overspending. With research and knowledge of the local real estate market, you can find an oceanfront paradise of your own that is perfect for your lifestyle. If you need help navigating the process or if you just have any questions about what to do after buying a property, there are plenty of resources available online and many experienced professionals who are ready and willing to help. So don’t hesitate to take advantage of our expertise and seek advice if needed. If you have any other questions about things to do, restaurants, or real estate in general – feel free to contact us! We’re always here to help!

Explore 5 places to get Ice Cream in Corona Del Mar
Top Quality Treats

Do you have a sweet tooth, or a hankering for some frozen yogurt? If so, you’re in the right place. In this blog we will be exploring 5 Ice Cream and/or Frozen Yogurt spots in the Corona Del Mar and Newport Beach area.

#5 – Cowafornia Ice Cream

Featuring over 32 flavors of premium hand scooped California ice cream, Cowafornia Ice Cream opened in July 2017. They offer hand dipped waffle cones where they use only Ghirardelli chocolate and fresh baked cookies. They also make floats, handmade shakes, as well as iconic frozen bananas and balboa bars. They have a full line of specialty coffees, hot cocoa and hot tea. And if you are looking for something out of the ordinary, try one of their espresso shakes or affogato sundaes.

32 flavors of premium hand scooped California ice cream
California Ice Cream

#4 – Gelato Paradiso

Gelato and sorbetto is made daily by artisans at Gelato Paradiso to maximize freshness, taste, and authenticity, using traditional Italian recipes. There are artisan cakes that are individually handcrafted. They use the freshest and finest ingredients that are imported directly from Italy. The artisanal gelato is hand-made in small batches every morning. Each flavor is rendered using old recipes and traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation, improving each time. Their use of the word “artisanal,” is to convey hundreds of years of gelato history, knowledge, and expertise behind each bite.

The artisanal gelato is hand-made in small batches
Artisanal Gelato

#3 – Sugar ‘n Spice

The Original Frozen Banana and Balboa Bar on Balboa Island that was established in 1945. Along with the frozen bananas & balboa bars, here is a list of items that they also serve: 

– Hard Scoop Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches

– Cheesecake-On-A-Stick

– Tiramisu-On-A-Stick

The Original Frozen Banana and Balboa Bar
The Original Frozen Banana and Balboa Bar

#2 – Atomic Creamery

Atomic Creamery has a vision to be a throwback to a simpler time. A place for gathering, a destination for friends, families to enjoy ice cream. They are committed to serving the freshest and smoothest flavor packed scoops. From their thick dense ice cream to their house-made pink Himalayan salted caramel, you can tell that they strive to use only wholesome real food ingredients whenever possible.

A place for gathering
A place for gathering

#1 – Golden Spoon

Golden Spoon is a frozen yogurt retail chain and their frozen yogurt uses only the freshest ingredients to produce a flavor and experience that will sure have you coming back for more.

Golden Spoon
You’ll be coming back for more

These are just five of the great ice cream and frozen yogurt spots in the area. Contact us for more information on beaches, restaurants or real estate. We are experts in these fields and we know the area of Corona Del Mar well! We look forward to hearing from you.

Aerial view of corona del mar and the jetty
There’s something for every outdoor lover in Corona del Mar.

In the quaint seaside neighborhood of Corona del Mar, there’s always something fun to do! And what could be better than a day outside in the beautiful California sunshine? If you’re looking for some fun in the sun, here are four of the best outdoor activities in Corona del Mar.

Hit the beach

The only thing more famous than the California sunshine is the beaches. There are tons of pristine beaches running all the way up the coast, and several of the best are located right in Corona del Mar.

The most popular beach in the area is Corona del Mar State Beach Park. There you’ll find 30 acres of white sandy shores and blue surf. Since it’s framed by rock jetties and cliffs, the surf is rather tame, which is great for swimmers and divers. As you head south down the coast, you’ll find spots with more waves for surfing.

One of the best parts of this beach (especially for those who know the greater Los Angeles area) is the parking. There’s tons of it! You can find the massive parking lot right off Ocean Boulevard in the northwest area of Corona del Mar.

Aerial view of a large beach and a city behind it
There’s plenty of beach to go around

Stroll the Sherman Gardens

One of the most visited places in Corona del Mar is the beautiful Sherman Library & Gardens. While the library itself is amazing for any book, history, or art lover, none of that is outside! However, the outside areas of the Sherman Library are just as amazing as the inside.

Just beyond the doors lies the Sherman Gardens. It’s a horticultural oasis filled with all sorts of plants, flowers, and trees for you to admire:

· Over 100 species of palms
· Tropical conservatory
· Koi pond
· Carnivorous plants
· Extensive orchid collection
· Artistic succulent garden
· And much, much more

The gardens are so amazing they’ve become nationally renowned for their variety and creativity. It’s definitely a must-see for anyone in the area and one of the best outdoor activities in Corona del Mar.

Walkway between rose bushes and pink roses
Catch the dazzling beauty of the Sherman Gardens in Corona del Mar.

Jump into the water at Arch Rock

The coastline of Corona del Mar isn’t all about the sandy beaches. There are also plenty of amazing cliffs, tidal pools, and rock formations to explore. One of the more amazing rock formations is Arch Rock.

Arch Rock is exactly like it sounds: it’s a massive rock arch! You can find Arch Rock at Little Corona del Mar beach just to the south of Corona del Mar State Beach Park.

Once you get to Little Corona del Mar beach, go down to the water and turn right toward Cliff Island. Make your way over the tidal pools until you see Arch Rock standing out in the water. It’s truly a sight to see!

You’re welcome to go out to the rock, climb on the cliffs, and play in the tidal pools, but remember, it’s all at your own risk — so be careful! Lots of outdoor enthusiasts like to climb the rocks and jump into the water below. It’s quite the rush! And it’s one of the more unique natural sights Corona del Mar has to offer.

A large rock arch with the ocean behind it
Arch Rock is truly a spectacle!

Walk the Goldenrod Footbridge

In 1928, a footbridge was built over the newly constructed Bayside Drive. The idea was to allow people on the inland side of Bayside to be able to reach the beach in just a few minutes without having to cross a major road. Almost 100 years later, the bridge is still standing!

The Goldenrod Footbridge is a reminder of Corona del Mar’s olden days. It still spans the gap over Bayside Drive, allowing pedestrians to walk safely from one side of Corona del Mar to the beach. Stroll across and think about all the millions of people who have used the bridge before you over the past century!

Closeup of handrails on a bridge
Walk over history at the Goldenrod Footbridge.

Corona del Mar: An outdoor lover’s paradise

There’s no shortage of fun things to do in Corona del Mar. And true to the California climate, most of the activities are best done outside! Whether you want to enjoy your time at the beach, stroll through the gardens, jump from cliffs, or experience history, you can always find some fun in the sun when you visit Corona del Mar.

Want to make this fun seaside community your home? There are plenty of Corona del Mar properties available. When you’re ready to make sunny California your home, trust the experts at the Stavros Group. We’ll help you find the perfect home to suit your lifestyle and goals. Contact us to start your search today!

Arch Rock at Little Corona Del Mar Beach
Arch Rock at Little Corona Del Mar Beach

The name “Corona Del Mar” means “Crown of the Sea,” so it only makes sense that it’s home to some of the most picturesque, pristine, and unique beaches in the country. One of the more interesting beach sites in the city is Arch Rock. Here’s what you need to know about this popular rocky outcropping.

What’s so special about Arch Rock?

What’s Arch Rock? Well, the name pretty much says it all. It’s a big natural arch made of rock!
Sea arches are made from erosion from the ocean waves. Sometimes, the waves hit a section of the rock disproportionately to the rest, causing it to wear away faster. Over many, many years, that section wears away completely, leaving a hole in the middle of the rock. If the waves aren’t tall enough to erode the top of the rock, you’re left with an arch — just like Arch Rock in Corona Del Mar!

Person standing on top of a rock arch above the ocean
There’s nothing quite like a good rock arch!

Things to do at Arch Rock in Corona Del Mar

As if seeing what nature can do over millions of years isn’t exciting enough, Arch Rock in Corona Del Mar is much more than a geological formation. There’s plenty to see and do in the area.

First and foremost, Arch Rock is beautiful! It offers incredible views of the ocean all around, and there’s no better Instagram shot than you standing in the middle of the arch. Go to Arch Rock at sunset and watch the colors dance across the sky behind the picturesque rock formations.

Corona Del Mar locals know Arch Rock for its cliff diving. The rocks at Arch Rock stand about 20 feet above the water, making them an ideal spot for adrenaline seekers. Climb to the top and safely jump into the ocean below for quite the thrill!

If you’re not into extreme sports, Arch Rock is also surrounded by several tidal pools for wading and enjoying the water. It’s also home to some of the best snorkeling in the city.

Person jumping off a rock cliff into the ocean
An adrenaline junky’s dream

Directions to Little Del Mar Beach, Cliff Island, and Arch Rock

Arch Rock is one of the more secluded beaches in Corona Del Mar because it’s a bit off the beaten path, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth the trek!
The easiest way to Arch Rock is through Little Corona Del Mar Beach. You can find Little Corona Del Mar Beach just off the Pacific Coast Highway on a road called Poppy Avenue. Go down Poppy Avenue and turn left where the road ends. Down the pathway, you’ll find a restroom and a gradual entrance down to the beach.
From the beach, head to the right and make your way over the sand and rocks. Around the corner, you’ll find Cliff Island. Keep going over the tidal pools and rocks, then look out to sea to find Arch Rock, standing majestically out in the water. Check it out on Google Maps!
The tides do change, so make sure you’re prepared before making the voyage out to Arch Rock. Wear shoes with decent tread — and prepare to get wet!

People standing in a rocky tidal pool on the shore of the ocean
There’s lots to do at Cliff Island

Why not stay a little longer?

There’s no shortage of amazing natural wonders to see in Corona Del Mar. Why not become a local so you can see them all!? If you want to make your visit to beautiful Southern California a bit more permanent, trust the real estate experts at the Stavros Group. We’re always happy to answer your questions and help you find the perfect property to suit your lifestyle and goals. Contact us to start your search today!

Thinking Of Selling? We’re Here To Help

If you are considering your options to sell your home in Orange County, CA, our top luxury real estate team is here to serve. At no obligation, please reach out for a consultation to discuss your options and see how we can help you plan and execute a strategy to reach the best possible sale price for your property. Contact us today.

Halloween is in full effect in Newport Beach & Corona Del Mar this October. Enjoy a variety of events perfect for every crowd. Celebrate with the community by attending “Creatures of the Night” at Sherman Library & Gardens, ‘Spooktacular’ at Mariners Park, or trick or treat with the Newport Beach Public Library!

Creatures of the Night

Sherman Library & Gardens of Corona Del Mar is hosting its “Creatures of the Night” event October 29th and 30th. This family friendly event is lively and engaging, featuring an eerie garden walk and presentations on the habitats of birds of prey and nocturnal animals. The OC Birds of Prey, Santa Ana Zoo, and Adventures in Living Science will be attending. Receive a passport to explore the Gardens interactively and get close to a variety of flora and fauna. Tickets are only sold in advance. Purchase here!

Halloween Spooktacular

Mariners Park & the VJ Community Center in Newport Beach are hosting their fourth annual halloween ‘Spooktacular’ this October 30th. The event runs from 3-6pm, and is free for the public. Bring along friends and family and enjoy a variety of holiday themed activities including costume prizes, the haunted maze, and ‘Trunk or Treat.’ Grab a bite at one of the various food trucks, or enjoy a less scary activity with the bounce houses – perfect for kids. This evening of live music and holiday fear is an event fit for all. Find more info here.

Children’s Halloween Extravaganza

Enjoy the sweetness of all-day Trick or Treating with the Newport Beach Public Library. Saturday, October 30th the library is hosting their Children’s Halloween Extravaganza. Enjoy crafts and don’t forget to wear your costume! The funding of this event is generously provided by the Friends of the Library. Commemorate the evening in our photo booth and be added to the social media Halloween parade. For more information visit the library’s website here!

Wishing you a wonderful spooky holiday season filled with community and entertainment!

If you are buying, selling or making an investment, you know who to call to make it happen! Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions. We’re always happy to help you and anyone you send our way.

Now that fall has arrived in coastal Orange County, get outside and have some fun at these upcoming events in Corona del Mar!

Located in the coastal city of Newport Beach, and famous for its fine beaches, Corona del Mar is a village for creating memories. From its tidepools and cliffside views, to quaint village shops, Corona del Mar will be a hit with the whole family. 

If you are looking for fall fun in the Newport Beach area, here are two great ways to celebrate the cooler weather with your family and friends. You can participate in or spectate the newly reignited community sandcastle competition hosted this Sunday, September 26th on Corona del Mar State Beach, and register to race in the 39th Annual Corona del Mar Scenic 5K on Saturday, October 2nd. 

59th Annual Sandcastle Competition at Corona del Mar

After a year-long hiatus, the Annual Sandcastle Competition at Corona del Mar is back! On Sunday, September 26th, join fellow sculptors in this sandy architectural showdown. An ode to art and creativity, this event is fit for all ages and a ton of fun to join or just watch! This year’s theme is “Explore the World” — a poignant contrast to the seclusion that communities and individuals have faced throughout the past year.

If you’re feeling artistic, gather your team and sign up on the chamber’s website or by calling (949) 729-4400. Families and architecture firms are welcome to compete, with entry fees based on category. This event is open to the public with attractions including castle viewing, food stands, sponsor competitions, and other beach-bound activities. Get together with those you love, and enjoy this commemorative day! 

39th Annual Corona del Mar Scenic 5K

On Saturday, October 2nd, a scenic 5K run and 2-mile walk will take place in the village of Corona del Mar! This is the 39th anniversary of this highly anticipated event. Beginning at 3001 Ocean Boulevard, participants will enjoy beautiful ocean views from atop soaring bluffs, while engaging with their friends, family, and their own competitive spirits. Park for free in the Corona del Mar State Beach parking lot, opening at 6am for event-day registration. Enjoy a brief warm-up leading into the start of the Men’s 5K followed closely by the Women’s 5K Race. A pleasant, inclusive 2-Mile Fun Walk/Youth Run begins at 8:45am, for those looking to enjoy a relaxing afternoon in the sun with or without the kids. Later, the 1K Children’s Dolphin Dash is a wholesome way to end a fantastic day of racing and scenery.

To join, you can register online or walk-in on event day. Note that there is a small fee to register, which varies by event. Teams of 10 or more will receive discounts. To commemorate your experience, registration includes a Corona del Mar 5K anniversary t-shirt, race bib, swag bag, and access to the awards ceremony. Still not convinced? All registered participants will have access to the complementary Restaurant Row feast of local eateries (subject to COVID-19 restrictions), and an awesome post-event party — complete with live music, sponsors and vendors, and more. This historic occasion is one for the whole family. We look forward to seeing you there!

Corona del Mar Real Estate Agents

As your go-to resource for Corona del Mar, we love to share our knowledge of community events, neighborhoods, and of course Corona del Mar real estate. When it comes time to buy or sell a home in Corona del Mar, or if you just have questions about the Corona del Mar real estate market, please reach out for a free consultation at no obligation to you.

Contact us any time — we’re always happy to help!

Say you have an Corona Del Mar home for sale and would like to attract an eco-conscious buyer. Even if you live outside of the Orange County real estate market, there are myriad benefits to “greenifying” your home.

As you’ll soon find out, adding green updates to your home can save you thousands of dollars over time. Not only that, but you’ll be doing your part to reduce environmental pollution that harms the atmosphere.

Whatever your reasons for going green — whether you’re in the Orange County real estate market or elsewhere — you’re looking for updates that won’t take a toll on your bank account.

This precludes solar panels for the simple reason that they cost tens of thousands of dollars to install on your roof. And although solar energy is the endgame of going green — not to mention it’ll make your Encinitas home for sale look uber-attractive to prospective buyers — solar panels aren’t exactly affordable.

But no worries. There are other ways to make your home greener as you work towards the prospect of solar energy down the road. In the meantime, below is our list of five inexpensive ways to make your home green. These steps will add value to your home in the Corona Del Mar and Orange County real estate market, or anywhere else for that matter!

Conserve Water

One of the most inexpensive ways to make your home green is to start with your ceramic friend in the bathroom. Today’s standard toilet is guilty of consuming 1.6 gallons of water per flush. Granted, this figure is less damaging than the older toilet’s whopping 3.6 gallons of water per flush! But you can do even better. To conserve water and come up with an inexpensive way to make your home green, consider installing an affordable, high-efficiency toilet like this one.

This bad boy will save you more than 3,000 gallons of water each year. And here’s another bathroom upgrade for you: a low-flow showerhead that conserves roughly 160,000 liters of water each year, enough to fill a swimming pool that’s forty feet wide, twenty feet long and five feet deep. And now that you’re done with the bathroom, head on over to the kitchen where an energy-efficient dishwasher starting at around $399 will save approximately 4,000 gallons of water over its lifetime.

Conserve Energy

CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps) and LEDs (light-emitting diodes) are a tad costlier than your traditional incandescent or halogen light bulb. But CFLs and LEDs possess a greater value over time. This is because they last up to 25 times longer and use up to 80% less energy than incandescent bulbs. When you look at it this way, CFLs and LEDs are actually inexpensive ways to make your home green. And if you’re feeling ambitious, throw in motion-sensor lighting while investing in energy-efficient bulbs. This way, your light bulbs can switch off automatically when you’re not at home.

Additionally, there’s an upgrade in the energy side of things that’s also an inexpensive way to make your home green. We mean, of course, a SMART thermostat that will optimize your heating and cooling system at home. With this nifty gadget, you can control your HVAC remotely from an app on your phone, which comes in handy when you head out of town and forget to switch off the AC. Oh, and if you’re curious to know how smart home technology can affect the sale of your home (in a good way), click here to read one of our previous blog posts.

Consider Insulation

Another way to conserve energy and gas at home is to insulate your walls, ceilings and attic spaces. Besides soundproofing against airborne sounds, insulation can also improve your home’s resistance to heat flow. The more R-value imbued in your insulation of choice (eg. fiberglass, Rockwool, foam, etc.), the cooler your home will be. This is particularly useful in the summertime when air conditioners propped on windowsills nationwide thrum collectively while blasting frigid air for hours on end. Then comes the astronomical bill from the electric company, much to your dismay.

So, to avoid this tragedy and find an inexpensive way to make your home green, you can insulate the walls and attic spaces in your home with eco-friendly insulation called “blown-in cellulose.” The latter is composed of 85% recycled material and is one of the least intrusive ways of insulating your home. Check it out and see if it’s the right fit for you. If not, there are plenty of insulation types out there to choose from.

Install An Electric Car Charger

If you own an electric vehicle or are considering getting one, you can make your home greener by installing an electric car charger in your garage or near your parking space. But, wait… this consumes energy, you think to yourself. And so far we’ve been admonishing you against this wasteful practice.

But consider the alternative: carbon emissions from transportation alone account for 15% of the global warming pie. In light of this information, consider your electric vehicle a “hall pass” in the energy conservation department. For less than $200, you can purchase a portable Level 2 charger to install in a jiffy. And if you need any further incentives to own an electric vehicle — or looking for other inexpensive ways to make your home green — there are plenty of government programs and rebates to make this a lucrative opportunity for you.

Revamp Your Landscaping

Another way to make your home greener is to strategically improve its landscaping. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends planting trees around your home that’ll capture the sun’s scorching UV rays and absorb carbon dioxide in the air. If you have south-facing windows (where sunlight is abundant throughout the day), some tall greenery in between these windows and the sun’s path can keep your home cooler in the summertime. Conversely, if your tree loses foliage in the winter, direct sunlight can keep your home warmer on those chilly days.

You can make your home greener on the inside, too. To find out how, check out our blog post on “7 Easy Houseplants To Liven Your Living Space,” no green thumb required! Finally, let us know if you have any real estate questions or needs as we are here to help.

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