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"Corona Del Mar," meaning "Crown of the Sea," boasts picturesque, pristine beaches, including the unique Arch Rock, a popular rocky site.

Where To Find Arch Rock in Corona Del Mar

Arch Rock at Little Corona Del Mar Beach
Arch Rock at Little Corona Del Mar Beach

The name “Corona Del Mar” means “Crown of the Sea,” so it only makes sense that it’s home to some of the most picturesque, pristine, and unique beaches in the country. One of the more interesting beach sites in the city is Arch Rock. Here’s what you need to know about this popular rocky outcropping.

What’s so special about Arch Rock?

What’s Arch Rock? Well, the name pretty much says it all. It’s a big natural arch made of rock!
Sea arches are made from erosion from the ocean waves. Sometimes, the waves hit a section of the rock disproportionately to the rest, causing it to wear away faster. Over many, many years, that section wears away completely, leaving a hole in the middle of the rock. If the waves aren’t tall enough to erode the top of the rock, you’re left with an arch — just like Arch Rock in Corona Del Mar!

Person standing on top of a rock arch above the ocean
There’s nothing quite like a good rock arch!

Things to do at Arch Rock in Corona Del Mar

As if seeing what nature can do over millions of years isn’t exciting enough, Arch Rock in Corona Del Mar is much more than a geological formation. There’s plenty to see and do in the area.

First and foremost, Arch Rock is beautiful! It offers incredible views of the ocean all around, and there’s no better Instagram shot than you standing in the middle of the arch. Go to Arch Rock at sunset and watch the colors dance across the sky behind the picturesque rock formations.

Corona Del Mar locals know Arch Rock for its cliff diving. The rocks at Arch Rock stand about 20 feet above the water, making them an ideal spot for adrenaline seekers. Climb to the top and safely jump into the ocean below for quite the thrill!

If you’re not into extreme sports, Arch Rock is also surrounded by several tidal pools for wading and enjoying the water. It’s also home to some of the best snorkeling in the city.

Person jumping off a rock cliff into the ocean
An adrenaline junky’s dream

Directions to Little Del Mar Beach, Cliff Island, and Arch Rock

Arch Rock is one of the more secluded beaches in Corona Del Mar because it’s a bit off the beaten path, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth the trek!
The easiest way to Arch Rock is through Little Corona Del Mar Beach. You can find Little Corona Del Mar Beach just off the Pacific Coast Highway on a road called Poppy Avenue. Go down Poppy Avenue and turn left where the road ends. Down the pathway, you’ll find a restroom and a gradual entrance down to the beach.
From the beach, head to the right and make your way over the sand and rocks. Around the corner, you’ll find Cliff Island. Keep going over the tidal pools and rocks, then look out to sea to find Arch Rock, standing majestically out in the water. Check it out on Google Maps!
The tides do change, so make sure you’re prepared before making the voyage out to Arch Rock. Wear shoes with decent tread — and prepare to get wet!

People standing in a rocky tidal pool on the shore of the ocean
There’s lots to do at Cliff Island

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