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The holiday season is upon us, and while it’s a time for festive celebrations and quality family moments, it can also be an opportune moment to indulge in one of life’s greatest pleasures – buying a luxury home. In this article, we’ll explore the magic of holiday luxury home buying, and why the holidays can be an excellent time to purchase your dream home.


Unique Seasonal Decor and Atmosphere

Imagine stepping into a luxury home adorned with twinkling lights, garlands, and a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. The holiday season transforms these properties into magical wonderlands, and you get to experience them in all their glory. This unique seasonal decor not only enhances the property’s charm but also allows you to envision your future holiday celebrations in the house. The warm, cozy atmosphere is simply enchanting and makes these luxury homes all the more appealing.

Close up of Christmas Tree with White and Blue Round Ornaments Decorated Christmas Tree


Potential for Negotiation

One of the often-overlooked advantages of holiday luxury home buying is the potential for negotiation. Sellers during this time of year may be more motivated to close the deal before the year ends. Whether it’s for tax purposes or simply to move on to their own holiday plans, sellers may be more open to negotiation. As a buyer, you might find yourself in a favorable position, with opportunities for price adjustments, reduced closing costs, or even added amenities. This is particularly advantageous in the luxury real estate market, where even a slight reduction can translate into substantial savings.

Miniature Figure Christmas Scene at the Tree Farm With Red Truck and Tree on Top Miniature Christmas Tree Farm Scene


Less Competition

While others are caught up in holiday festivities and may put their property search on hold, you can gain a significant advantage by staying active in the market. There’s typically less competition for luxury homes during the holidays, giving you more time to explore and consider your options without feeling rushed. Fewer competing offers mean you can take your time to carefully assess each property and make informed decisions. This can lead to a smoother buying process and a higher chance of securing the luxury home of your dreams.

Woman in Luxury Home Wearing Long Sleeved Black Dress Viewing The Decorated Christmas Trees Woman Viewing Christmas Trees in Luxury Home


In Conclusion

The holiday season offers a unique opportunity for luxury home buyers to explore exclusive properties in a festive atmosphere. With the potential for negotiation and less competition, it’s a season full of surprises and advantages for those considering year-end home purchases. So, if you’re in the market for luxury real estate, don’t miss out on the magic of holiday luxury home buying – your dream property might be waiting for you to unwrap it this holiday season!

In Orange County’s upscale real estate market, interior design plays a pivotal role. More than just aesthetics, good design heightens a property’s appeal to discerning buyers. Join us as we navigate through the importance of interior design in luxury homes, providing insights and tips on effective staging to magnify your property’s charm.

The Power of First Impressions

First impressions matter, especially when you’re dealing with high-end real estate. Luxury buyers are looking for something extraordinary, something that sets their potential new home apart from the rest. This is where interior design comes into play.

Double Sink Vanity with Marble Finish and Gold Framed, Round Mirrors Above Marbled, Double Sink Vanity with Gold Framed Mirrors

Staging a luxury home in Orange County is an art form in itself. It’s about creating an emotional connection between the buyer and the property. To achieve this, start by ensuring that the entrance exudes luxury. A grand foyer with elegant furnishings, a tastefully designed chandelier, and a meticulously placed piece of artwork can set the tone for what’s to come.

The Art of Subtle Elegance

While luxury often conjures images of opulence and excess, modern luxury interior design in Orange County often leans toward the concept of subtle elegance. Buyers are increasingly seeking homes that provide a sense of tranquility and comfort while maintaining an air of sophistication.

Modern, Hanging Light By Wood Panel Modern, Hanging Light By Wood Panel

Incorporate neutral color palettes and natural materials like marble, wood, and stone to create a sense of harmony. Choose high-quality fabrics and furnishings that not only look exquisite but also feel comfortable. Invest in custom-made furniture and fixtures that cater to the specific needs and tastes of the property.


Let There Be Light

One of the most underrated, yet powerful elements of luxury interior design is lighting. Proper lighting can transform a room from ordinary to extraordinary. In Orange County’s sunny climate, embrace the abundance of natural light. Large windows, glass doors, and strategically placed mirrors can make your luxury home feel bright and inviting.

For the evenings, invest in statement lighting fixtures that serve as both functional and decorative elements. Chandeliers, pendant lights, and wall sconces can create a warm, intimate atmosphere that potential buyers will find irresistible.

Open Floor Plan in Modern Home With Wall of Windows and Elegant Furniture Flowing Floorplan View of Home with Modern Furniture and Wall of Windows


Spatial Planning and Flow

Luxury homes in Orange County often feature spacious layouts, and it’s essential to make the most of this generous space. Consider open floor plans that allow for seamless transitions between different areas of the home. Create defined yet interconnected spaces for living, dining, and entertaining.

When staging, arrange furniture to highlight the flow and functionality of each room. Place sofas and chairs in conversational groupings, use area rugs to anchor spaces, and ensure that pathways are clear and unobstructed. The goal is to make it easy for buyers to envision themselves living comfortably in the space.

Inside View Looking Outside at Inground Pool with Woman reading a Book in Chair Inground Pool with Woman Reading Book in Chair


Outdoor Living

Orange County’s temperate climate is a significant selling point for luxury homes. Take full advantage of this by seamlessly integrating outdoor spaces into the overall design. A well-designed outdoor living area can be a major selling point for high-end buyers.

Consider adding features like a pool, spa, outdoor kitchen, or a cozy fire pit if you don’t already have. Furnish these spaces with top-of-the-line outdoor furniture that complements the interior design and creates a sense of continuity between indoors and outdoors. Lush landscaping and well-maintained gardens can further enhance the appeal of the outdoor areas.

Luxury Spa Like Bath with tub and natural elements like stone and woodLuxury Spa Like Bath with tub and natural elements like stone and wood Luxury, Spa Bathroom with Natural Finishes


Ultimately, luxury real estate in Orange County is not just about buying a property; it’s about embracing a lifestyle. To convey this to potential buyers, ensure that every aspect of your staging and interior design reflects the aspirational lifestyle they desire.

Incorporate elements that showcase the home’s potential for entertaining, relaxation, and recreation. Highlight features like a wine cellar, home theater, spa-like bathrooms, and spacious walk-in closets. Create spaces that allow buyers to envision hosting elegant parties, enjoying quiet evenings, or indulging in self-care.

Interior design is not a mere afterthought in the world of luxury real estate; it’s a powerful tool for selling a lifestyle. In Orange County’s competitive market, where discerning buyers seek the extraordinary, the right interior design can make all the difference.

What is a Sensory Garden?

Do you ever feel like you need to get away from it all? To take a break from the constant noise and stimulation of modern life? If so, a sensory garden may be just what you need. A sensory garden is an outdoor area designed to appeal to our primary senses of touch, sounds, sight, and smell. These gardens encourage immersive exploration, interaction, and engagement. In this blog post, we will explore the different elements to include in your own sensory garden.

Building Your Sensory Garden


One of the most important elements in a sensory garden is scent. There is something truly luxurious about soothing and simple aromas. They are the kind of scents that beckon you closer, inviting you to take a deep breath and savor their subtleties. These are not the overpowering fragrances that announce their presence from across the room; instead, they gently lure you in, whispering their secrets just for you. Whether it’s the lightest hint of jasmine or the barest trace of vanilla, delicate aromas have a way of making you feel special and cherished. And that is what makes them so alluring. Consider adding plants like lavender, rosemary, or jasmine to your garden. You can also add scented candles or essential oils to create a pleasing aroma.



In addition to incorporating fragrant flowers and colorful foliage, it is also important to include plants with different textures. The different textures will add another layer of interest for both sight and touch. Fuzzy leaves, prickly stems, and soft petals are all excellent choices. You can also use rocks, gravel, or mulch to create additional texture contrast. By carefully selecting plants with a variety of textures, you can create a truly unique and inviting garden that will be enjoyed for years to come.



The sound of rustling leaves, running water, buzzing insects, and the whispering of grasses in the wind can all be very soothing and calming. If you want to add a touch of elegance to your garden, consider adding a water feature or a wind chime. Water features can range from simple bird baths to elaborate fountains, and they can really help to create a relaxing ambiance. Wind chimes can also add a lovely musical element to your garden, and they come in a wide variety of styles to suit any taste. When looking to add a little bit of extra relaxation to your garden, keep the power of sound in mind.



The beauty of a garden is often in the eye of the beholder. But there are certain elements that can be used to create a garden that is pleasing to the senses. Adding pops of color is one way to add visual interest, and using plants with interesting shapes can add another dimension. Incorporating objects of different sizes and textures can also create a sense of visual indulgence and sophistication. By considering all of these elements, you can create a garden that is truly a feast for the eyes.


Improve Your Home and Work-From-Home Life

A sensory garden is a boon to any work-from-home creative. By appealing to our senses, these gardens encourage us to slow down and appreciate the world around us. The addition of a few scented blooms can boost productivity and foster innovation, while the sound of a babbling fountain can help to calm and focus the mind. So take some time to create your own sensory garden today. With a little planning, you can easily turn your outdoor space into an oasis of serenity and creativity. Add a few potted plants to start, then experiment with different fragrances, textures, and colors until you find the perfect combination for you. Soon you’ll be enjoying the benefits of your very own sensory garden.

Andy is joined by Jennifer Farrell, host of Most Amazing Homes, to show off the breathtaking, bluff-top property at 56 N La Senda.

JENNIFER FARRELL: We’re in Laguna Beach, California in a newly constructed modern masterpiece, where you’re not just looking at the ocean you’re in it. Let’s take a look!

JENNIFER FARRELL: So we’re here in Laguna Beach and we are at an ‘in the ocean’ home – tell me about this home.

ANDY STAVROS: So the house sits in the Three Arch Bay private gated community of just under 500 homes of brand new construction. The architect was Mark Singer – very well known here in Laguna Beach. [This home] was his last design unfortunately before he passed, but again just a warm contemporary feel that you’ll see once we get inside. 

JENNIFER FARREL: This is a multi-level home overlooking/overhanging the ocean… How many bedrooms and bathrooms, and how big is this house?

ANDY STAVROS: The house is just over 5,000 square feet with five bedrooms and seven bathrooms, three levels, an elevator that takes you to all levels including the master… It really is one of those turnkey, lock and go homes.

JENNIFER FARRELL: Well I can feel the ocean breeze behind me, I’m dying to see the ocean view. Lead away! 

ANDY STAVROS: All right, let’s go.

JENNIFER FARREL: Wow, we’re not looking at the ocean we’re standing over the ocean. This is unbelievable, it’s a view that I think few people have ever seen. 

ANDY STAVROS: Yeah, it feels like you’re on a boat when you walk in… This is the time in a tour where I just stop talking, because everybody’s gravitated towards the view on the deck. I just allow people to take that all in, because it is breathtaking once you walk into this room.

JENNIFER FARREL: You know you’re right, it is like being on a yacht. Even the railings for the balconies are a horizontal metal, so it actually feels like we’re on an ocean liner. I love all of the contemporary beautiful lines here –  it’s a very clean color palette, very open space, without crazy high ceilings. Because the ceilings are not overwhelmingly high, you still get a feeling of coziness and intimacy in this house.

ANDY STAVROS: Right you do get the coziness. Because of height restrictions and view obstruction, you occasionally have to compromise high ceilings, but you still get a sense of openness to the house with the colors, the design and the finishes throughout. 

JENNIFER FARREL: I happen to love this portico that’s in the middle of the room. It’s such an interesting way to create an indoor veranda space, so you feel like you’re outside in an outdoor covered patio area, and yet you’re right in the middle of the house.

ANDY STAVROS: Right absolutely, and you’ll see a blend of the industrial look with the beams exposed but painted. I’m sure you can tell this house sits on bedrock, so much steel, it’s not going anywhere, and here’s just evidence to prove that it’s a solid house with a solid foundation that was just recently built.

JENNIFER FARREL: Well this home may not be going anywhere, but we are going somewhere – I’m dying to go in that kitchen.

ANDY STAVROS: All right, let’s go.

JENNIFER FARREL: Although I would love to say I’d be doing a lot of dishes here, I may just stand here staring out at the view.

ANDY STAVROS: There is a little bit of a distraction. You might burn your food as you’re cooking here, because you just want to gaze outside. 

JENNIFER FARREL: That is true, although there’s a lot to see in this kitchen itself. These counter tops are actually porcelain slabs, which means they’re as durable as a tile, but have the gorgeous look of marble. I also think that the surrounding caesar stone behind us makes a great counterbalance. The materials here are really nicely laid out.

ANDY STAVROS: Right, you’ll see the beautiful contrast with the wood grade finishes, the vertically opening white cabinetry, all the high-end appliances – gagging out melee, sub-zero refrigerators, etc. It’s a very functional chef’s kitchen.

JENNIFER FARREL: We have glass surrounding us. We have beautiful artistic touches, like that porcelain faux marble slab again and unique lighting which I’ve never seen.

ANDY STAVROS: Yeah, throughout the house the light fixtures are all unique, but complement each other. You can also see some of the same materials from the kitchen used here on the fireplace.

JENNIFER FARREL: Well this one’s definitely unique, because you have this frameless glass wet room that becomes part of the bedroom. It’s a very resort feel here.

ANDY STAVROS: Right, it gives you an open feel and who wouldn’t want to wake up every morning staring up the coast – from Thousand Steps Beach all the way down to Palos Verdes, Catalina Island, etc.

JENNIFER FARREL: The view here could not be more spectacular. I’d love to see the outdoor space.

ANDY STAVROS: You get 270 degree views in this home, with every room positioned differently. 

JENNIFER FARREL: I can’t believe we have a yard here!

ANDY STAVROS: Grass on the bluff front is rare to find! Today you can hear the waves crashing against the rocks. Out here there are multiple entertainment spaces, if you didn’t have enough upstairs; a spa, barbecue area, wet bar, more cooking space, etc. it’s a great level to be on.

ANDY STAVROS: In total the home is 5,041 square feet – five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, elevator, three-car garage, laundry on the ground level… It’s a really fantastic home for somebody that’s looking for a house that’s ready to go with no blood, sweat, or tears. Zero maintenance with a 15 year design and build process, priced just under 20 million.

JENNIFER FARREL: In this area that’s actually a deal.

ANDY STAVROS: We also dropped the price five million dollars, so it’s on discount.

JENNIFER FARREL: This is an amazing home and an unbelievable once in a lifetime property. Thank you so much, Andy.

If are considering buying or selling a home in the Orange County area, connect with us. See how our local, experienced and well-connected team can exceed your expectations. Let’s talk strategy! 

House for rent

So you’ve decided to rent out your home, but have you given much thought to all the details? Perhaps you’ve rented it before and you’re looking at securing good, long-term tenants this time. Or maybe you’re here because it’s your first time, and you have questions. 

It’s important that you properly prepare your house for rental, so that the transition is smooth and the tenancy is too. The last thing you want is to find subpar renters that don’t take care of your home, or a lack of willing tenants at the price you want due to broken appliances or an unwelcoming environment.

Check out this guide with easy steps on how to get your house ready to rent. 

Declutter and Remove Valuables 

If you’re renting out a house that you or someone else has been living in, you need to start by decluttering and removing personal items and valuables. Your potential renters want a space that is clean and functional, that doesn’t feel like they’re staying in someone else’s house.

Remove any knick knacks that don’t add aesthetic value, all clothing items, or any other personal accoutrements. Avoid shoving these items in a locked cupboard — your tenants will want storage, too! Move all the stuff you’re clearing out to your new home or a storage unit, or put them up for sale or donation to get them off your hands. 

Decide What Appliances and Furniture Are Staying 

You need to make it clear to your renters what is included in the rental agreement and what isn’t. Some homeowners rent out their homes fully-equipped with furnishings in the living areas and bedrooms, and crockery and cutlery in the cupboards. Others rent their homes completely unfurnished. 

Right away, make a list of what is staying and what is going, so you can tell prospective tenants. Of course, tastes may vary, so be prepared for renters who might ask you to remove certain furniture items, re-paint walls, or make other unique requests. You may decide to oblige their requests, or not — either way, it helps to have a plan. 

When you show your property to prospective tenants, let them know the specifics like whether you are taking the washing machine, or if the unit doesn’t come with a fridge. This can sometimes be a ‘make or break’ factor for people, and it will save everyone time and effort by being clear up-front.

Make Repairs and Replacements

To properly prepare your property for the rental market, you need to ensure that everything is in good, working condition. Check for small things such as faulty outlets or blown light bulbs, as well as larger repairs such as the AC unit or leaks in your ceiling.

Before you place it on the rental market, perform an extensive check of your house (looking everything over thoroughly!) and make a written list of all the necessary repairs and replacements. You should start this list early on, so that you can add to it as you notice things, and so you have time to perform the needed updates. 

It’s advised to schedule vendors and contractors for repairs as soon as possible. The last thing you want is to be paying higher fees for last-minute, “emergency” repairs just days before your new tenant moves in.

Normal wear and tear is expected when you rent out a house, but completing the essential maintenance tasks will be important in securing the right renters. Keeping everything in working condition and looking nice will let you charge higher rental fees and attract and keep your tenants for longer.

Reference this quick checklist when inspecting for repairs.

You should check:

– HVAC systems

– leaky drains, pipes, or water damage

– clogs, blockages and all the plumbing 

– appliances like the water heater and kitchen equipment

– windows and window screens

– hardware such as doorknobs, towel racks, etc

– Lightbulbs, switches and outlets 

This is also a great opportunity to make any renovations or remodels in your home to increase the rental value!

Have Carpets Professionally Cleaned

Carpets are soft and comfy, but they also trap dust and other unwanted grime. Before you market your rental property, make sure its carpets are all freshly cleaned. If you had the carpets cleaned fairly recently, then a simple vacuum or shampoo should do the job. 

However, a professional deep carpet clean is recommended when you’re renting a house that has been occupied for a while. If you or your previous tenants owned a pet, then a deep cleaning is essential to remove trapped odors, fur, dander, and pests.

Get Keys Made or Rekey the Apartment 

If this is your first time renting out the house and you are the only person that has lived in it, then there is no reason to change the locks or rekey the apartment.

In this case, simply go to the locksmith and get a few sets of keys made. Your renter will expect at least two sets of keys. However, if you’re renting out a big home, or to a family or group of people, you’ll need more so that everyone has access.

You will also need to keep a couple sets of keys yourself, for emergencies, repairs, and routine inspections.  

If you had previous tenants, it’s advised to rekey locks once a tenant moves out. The only way you can assure your new tenants that their assets are safe and secure is by rekeying the apartment, as you cannot be sure that your old tenants did not make copies of the keys.  

Clean the Property Interior and Exterior

Curb appeal and outdoor living space both make a big difference in attracting tenants. It’s important that the building exterior and the surrounding area outside are clean and neat. This includes your garden and the street in front of your house. You don’t want potential renters to get a bad first impression from broken furniture outside, unkempt landscaping, or trash strewn on the road.

Once you’re sure that the exterior is looking sparkly and clean, it’s time to deal with the interior. Check all the walls for scuff marks and give them a proper scrub. Assess whether they need to be repainted. A fresh coat of paint goes a long way in making the home feel clean and new, so we highly advise keeping the right paint on-hand for touching up your walls. 

Also ensure the windows are clean, appliances are clean, as well as all the little nooks and crannies in cupboards, under shelves, in corners and crevasses, and so on. 

Cleaning is critical when you’re renting out a house. Once you’ve cleaned it once, double-check and clean it again! Good tenants want to move into clean homes, and above all you’re looking for good tenants. If you have the time to do it yourself, that’s fine, but we often recommend hiring a professional cleaning service to spare yourself the considerable effort, and to make sure the job is done perfectly.

Is Your Property Ready for Renters? 

Are you prepared and ready to rent your home after reading these steps? It’s a fairly straightforward process, as long as you ensure that everything is up to standard, clean, and working properly.

Perhaps you’re interested in jumping into the rental game and considering buying a house to rent out. We are here to assist you with finding the perfect rental property with great investment value! Get in touch with us today to start the no-pressure conversation.


Hi friends,

Maybe more than anything else, your home determines your quality of life.

It’s what makes our job as real estate agents so rewarding: every closed sale marks the start of a bright, new chapter for our clients.

It’s also why, during these months of home-bound living, Google searches for “home improvement” have shot through the roof, and why Home Depot’s stock has risen 30% year-to-date.

With mortgage rates at historic lows, Orange County homebuyers are jumping at the chance to upgrade their living arrangements and improve their quality of life.

Coupled with a low supply of listing inventory, this increase in buyer demand has coaxed Orange County closing prices to new heights. We expect this trend to continue into a busy fall season.

Maybe you’re just looking for an incremental upgrade to your lifestyle. Given the smoky skies, we recommend investing in an air purifier and changing your HVAC filters.

If you feel it’s time for a bigger change, we’re happy to help! It’s a unique time with lots of opportunity for both home sellers and buyers. Let us know your real estate goals, and let’s talk strategy.

Talk soon,
Marilie Bunce
Stavros Group

Hi friends,

Amid a sweltering heat wave, the Orange County housing market is red-hot too. Much like your valiant AC unit, home sellers and their agents are working overtime to meet a blaze of unforseen demand.

Last month, Orange County listings spent an average of 16 days on market. That’s a 36% decrease from July 2019. Sales prices are higher than ever as supply struggles to keep pace, and OC homeowners find themselves in an enviable position.
Today’s fast-paced market can be attributed to a few things. Record-low mortgage rates have empowered buyers, and social distancing has shifted their priorities. Pent-up demand is being released. Plus, real estate remains a relatively safe bet in a time of economic uncertainty.
Buyers want more space to cook, to school, to play and to relax. They want views of nature without leaving the house. Our newest listing certainly fits the bill.
2675 Riviera

Meet 2675 Riviera Drive.

A 13,000 SF estate in the ultra-exclusive Abalone Point (seen above) in Laguna Beach’s guard-gated Irvine Cove enclave, featuring unmatched views spanning nearly 300°.
See below for more info.

Whether you are in the market to sell or to buy, for an ultra-luxury oceanfront estate or a cozy suburban retreat, there is opportunity for everyone. But you have to be fast to make it happen.

If you’re interested in making a change to your living arrangements, or if you have a question about the market, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re happy to help.

Talk soon,
Andy Stavros

If you want to work with the top Orange County real estate agent, get the best price and favorable terms, and feel great about the outcome when it’s done, you need an expert negotiator. 


Real Estate Negotiations Matter

At its core, a real estate transaction is a push and pull between buyer and seller. Buyers want the best deal. Sellers do too. Both sides of a transaction are looking for every edge to maximize their investment. 

For home buyers who finance their home purchase with a mortgage, the closing price is further multiplied over the lifetime of their loan. On the other side, sellers want to feel like they are getting the most money possible when they part with their property. They may have an emotional attachment to their home, on top of their financial incentive. Decisions can be emotional and not always based on fact, logic and reason. It can seem like a miracle that any deal comes together! 


For the best results, you need an expert negotiator.

Of course, a home is about more than money. A home buyer might love a home so much that they will pay just about anything for it. A home seller might want or need to sell badly enough that price is a secondary concern. But no matter what, you probably do not want to leave money on the table. You probably want to feel that you did the best you could. 

You need an expert negotiator.

Negotiations provide the greatest opportunity for improving the results of your real estate sale. There are many steps involved in listing a home, and each one is valuable. Our team at The Stavros Group is proud to bring decades of experience to our clients, helping them win at every stage. But while things like strategic repairs, improvements, staging, and marketing are important, negotiations create value seemingly out of thin air through skill and tact alone.

Whether your listing receives one or five or fifty offers, you want to make sure you obtain the full market value for the home. It can seem like the results do not vary agent to agent. If you look at marketing plans, you might get the sense that we all do the same thing. Make no mistake, there is a difference.

Would it surprise you to know that a listing agent who is a skilled negotiator can increase the sales price anywhere from 1–10% or more from the highest offer that was originally submitted?


Real Estate Negotiations By the Numbers

Let’s say you put your home on the market. When a good offer comes in, does it make sense to accept the offer or go back for more?

We start with the listing price. Next is the initial highest offer, which the buyer originally submitted. That initial offer is influenced by many factors, including list price strategy, staging, marketing, overall market conditions, and initial negotiations between the listing agent and the buyer or their agent. After the initial offer, we negotiate further to arrive at the final price.

Through precise, strategic negotiations, we are able to boost the selling price by thousands of dollars, even with only one or two offers on the table. Our listings frequently close at a substantially higher price than the initial highest offer.

You really do need an expert negotiator.


Best Orange County Listing Agents | Real Estate Agent Negotiator

While most media depicts the real estate process as one big house hunt (and who doesn’t like to watch couples argue over cabinetry?), it often omits the critical steps that happen after buyers submit an offer. 

Part of an agent’s job is matchmaking, finding buyers a home or finding a home a buyer. The other part of the job is what happens next. What separates the best Orange County real estate agents from the rest is the ability to create additional value for the client.

With a skilled negotiator on your side, you’ll come to a smooth resolution with more money in your pocket. Without a skilled negotiator, you’ll leave money on the table (if a deal is made at all).

You need an expert negotiator.

If you are thinking of buying or selling a home in Orange County, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Contact top Orange County real estate listing agents The Stavros Group.

JULY 2020

Hi friends,

Real estate has long been considered a relatively safe investment. Amidst our country’s worst economic crisis in decades, that’s more true than ever.

When California instituted stay-at-home orders in March, uncertainty ruled the day. A deluge of sellers pulled their active listings off the market. But unlike the Balboa Peninsula after Friday’s tidal surge, local homeowners have managed to stay afloat.

In fact, real estate has emerged as one of the few resilient sectors of our distressed economy. Despite a steep decline in new listings and pending sales this March, the median sale price actually rose.

Since then, more buyers and sellers have come out of the woodwork to strike a deal. Pending home sales in SoCal steadily rose every week in May and June. Nationally, pending home sales rose over 44% in May alone.

We are still not out of the woods. Sales volume is up, but it has a ways to go before reaching pre-pandemic levels.

With that in mind, and with the benefit of a few months of hindsight, here’s what we expect to come:

In short, it’s not a bad time to be in the market to buy or sell a home! We are proud to provide the same five-star service as ever to our clients while managing health and safety concerns. If you feel it’s time for a change, or if you just have questions about the market, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Talk soon,
Andy Stavros

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